7 Years of Last.fm


6 fév. 2012, 0h49m

Here I stand again, upon a yearly milestone. It's hard to believe that I've been using last.fm regularly for seven years. What may be even more unbelieveable, though, is the progression of my taste in music. I started my Last.fm journey as a 13 year old punk kid, and I've evolved into a twenty year old metalhead who has ears for blues, classical, jazz, dubstep, folk... Too many genres to count, honestly.

Let's look for some context in how long I've been kicking about this site.
-I registered when I was a middle school student. I was in grade 8, and now I'm a third year university student.
-Stephen Harper wasn't in power when I registered. He started his 8(+?) year term on 6 February 2006; one year and one day after my registration.
-YOUTUBE didn't exist when I registered; it was founded on 14 February 2005, which is 9 days after my registration. Another site that didn't exist at the time was Twitter.
-Some of my now favourite bands didn't exist at the time I registered. I probably wouldn't have liked them even if they had existed back then, but here are some examples for fun: I, Hail of Bullets, Adele... Alright, I can't think of too many off the top of my head, but it's still pretty damn interesting.

So, enough of that for now. Let's get to some stats.

Since Registering
Tracks Played: 64850
Tracks per Day: 25.38 (5.87 more than last year)
Tracks per Week: 178.16 (41.23 more than last year)
Unique Tracks: 11695 (New stat)
Unique Artists: 1376 (369 more than last year, 1.01 per day)

This Year
Tracks Played: 18334 (12914 more than last year)
Tracks per Day: 50.23 (35.38 more than last year)
Tracks per Week: 352.58 (248.35 more than last year)

1 Judas Priest 1,562
2 Ramones 1,306 - Up from the depths
3 Iron Maiden 1,230 - Down from 2nd
4 Immortal 1,110 - Up from 7th
5 Nokturnal Mortum 1,081 - Down from 3rd
6 Boris 1,043 - Down from 5th
7 Brad Sucks 942 - Down from 6th
8 Bathory 938 - Down from 4th
9 Burzum 812
10 Reverend Bizarre 787
11 Black Sabbath 781 - Down from 8th
12 Manowar 641 - Down from 11th
13 The Clash 610 - Up from the depths
14 High On Fire 541 - Down from 12th
15 Enslaved 509 - Up from 16th
16 Anaal Nathrakh 507 - New
17 Darkthrone 506 - Up from 22nd
18 Sex Pistols 497 - Up from the depths
19 Sleep 495 - Down from 17th
20 Blind Guardian 492 - Down from 13th
21 Earth 491 - Down from 18th
22 Iced Earth 481 - Down from 14th
22 Summoning 481 - Down from 20th
24 Cruachan 479
25 Misfits 476 - Up from the depths

Megadeth - Down from 15th to 26th
Dropkick Murphys - Down from 19th to 32nd
Ildjarn - Down from 21st to 35th
Cathedral - Down from 23rd to 30th
Death - Down from 25th to 34th

Top Tracks
1 Judas Priest – Electric Eye 139
2 teh_pwnerer – teh noob song 134
3 Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills 116
4 Judas Priest – Breaking The Law 110
5 Reverend Bizarre – Doom Over the World 107 - Up from 12th
6 Judas Priest – Judas Rising 106 - Down from 5th
7 Judas Priest – Living After Midnight 101 - Down from 6th
8 Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark 98 - Down from 7th
9 Judas Priest – Painkiller 93 - Down from 8th
10 Black Sabbath – Paranoid 91 - Down from 9th
11 Manowar – Warriors of the World United 90 - Down from 10th
12 Iron Maiden – The Trooper 89 - Down from 11th
13 Sleep – Dragonaut 86 - Up from 16th
14 The Clash – Rock The Casbah 82 - Up from the depths
14 Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name 82 - Down from 13th
14 Myndflame – MC Raiders 82 - Down from 13th
17 Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 78
17 Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK 78 - Up from the depths
17 Brad Sucks – Out of It 78 - Up from 20th
20 Judas Priest – Hellion 76 - Down from 15th
21 Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave 75 - Down from 18th
21 Black Sabbath – The Wizard 75 - Down from 18th
23 Boris – Pink 74 - Down from 22nd
24 Dio – Holy Diver 72 - Down from 20th
25 Ramones – Beat on the Brat 71 - Up from the depths

Manowar - Kings of Metal - Down from 22nd to 25th
Iron Maiden - Aces High - Down from 24th to 27th
Nokturnal Mortum - Deaf Forever - Down from 24th to 27th

Top Albums
1 Sleep – Sleep's Holy Mountain 455
2 Brad Sucks – I Don't Know What I'm Doing 441
3 I – Between Two Worlds 394 - Up from 10th
4 Boris – Heavy Rocks 357 - Up from 6th
5 Corey Harris – Fish Ain't Bitin' 337 - New
6 The Blues Brothers – The Very Best of the Blues Brothers 335 - New
7 Black Sabbath – We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll 325 - Down from 3rd
8 Brad Sucks – Out of It 318 - Down from 5th
9 High On Fire – Death Is This Communion 313 - Down from 4th
10 Guy Davis – Legacy 285 - New
11 Nokturnal Mortum – Lunar Poetry 276 - Down from 7th
12 Bathory – Bathory 271 - Down from 9th
13 Ildjarn – Forest Poetry 254 - Down from 8th
14 Reverend Bizarre – II: Crush the Insects 251 - Up from 17th
15 Goatmoon – Death Before Dishonour 238 - New
16 Boris – Pink 230 - Down from 10th
16 Nokturnal Mortum – Weltanschauung 230 - Down from 12th
18 Cephalic Carnage – Anomalies 224 - New
19 Bolt Thrower – Realm of Chaos 223 - New
20 М8Л8ТХ – By The Wing Of Black 220 - New
21 Forseti – Erde 213 - New
22 Kyuss – Kyuss 210 - Down from 15th
23 Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness 207 - New
24 Karma To Burn – Almost Heathen 205 - New
25 Harry Manx – Dog My Cat 203 - Down from 20th

Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain - Down from 13th to 26th
Earth – Pentastar: In the Style of Demons - Down from 14th to 27th
Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs - Down from 16th to 31st
Electric Wizard – Dopethrone - Down from 18th to 39th
Melvins – Stoner Witch - Down from 19th to 43rd
Cathedral – The Garden Of Unearthly Delights - Down from 21st to 45th
Nokturnal Mortum – Nechrist - Down from 22nd to 46th
Witchfinder General – Death Penalty - Down from 22rd to 46th
Earth – Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method - Down from 24th to 48th
Burzum – Burzum / Aske - Down from 25th to 39th

Normalized Artist Charts

1. Reverend Bizarre 7843 - Up from 2nd
2. Boris 7179 - Up from 10th
3. Judas Priest 6794 - Down from 1st
4. Nokturnal Mortum 6287 - Down from 3rd
5. Iron Maiden 6027 - Down from 4th
6. Immortal 5420 - Up from 9th
7. Burzum 4709 - Down from 6th
8. Bathory 4549 - Down from 5th
9. Earth 4394 - Down from 7th
10. Black Sabbath 3905 - Down from 8th
11. Sleep 3704 - Up from 15th
12. Summoning 3407 - Up from 14th
13. Brad Sucks 3202
14. Enslaved 3155 - Up from 16th
15. Ramones 3134 - Up from the depths
16. Cathedral 3087 - Up from 21st
17. Manowar 2969 - Down from 12th
18. High On Fire 2921 - Down from 17th
19. Drudkh 2596 - Up from 22nd
20. Kroda 2434
21. Blind Guardian 2427 - Down from 18th
22. Iced Earth 2413 - Down from 19th
23. I 2373 - New
24. Darkthrone 2268 - New
25. Cruachan 2187 - New

Sunn O))) - Fallen into the depths from 11
Megadeth - Down from 23rd to 28th
Electric Wizard - Fallen into the depths from 24th
Agalloch - Fallen into the depths from 25th


AEP: 3.89 (Up 0.24 from last year)
Underground-o-meter: 11% Mainstream (5% less than last year)
Last.fm Level: 44
OMI: Still broken from last year

Holy shit, I forgot how long it takes to make one of these. I mean, I still loved doing it, but I managed to listen to nearly two whole albums while hammering out everything before this. Oh well.

This year was really huge in music for me. 18334 tracks is a hell of a lot for me; my previous record was 14685 in my second year. Mind, I did listen almost exclusively to 2-3 minute long punk songs back then. Now, I listen to many songs that are 10+ minutes long, so it's really difficult to listen to 100+ of those a day. I think I owe the breaking of thsi record to the fact that I worked in the chem store room over the summer. I was able to listen to music while I was working, so I shot up about 8500 tracks during the 3 months I was working.

One of the benefits to having listened to so much music the pat year is that I've hit a couple of milestones. I hit 50000 tracks, which I've been going for since my 2nd year of last.fm, and 60000 as well, just as a punch to the face of my younger self. I did miss 65000 by a depressing 150 tracks though (Thanks, Business of Science workshop...) I've also started to catch up to a few friends that I started using last.fm with back in the day (~65000 is pretty close to 100000, isn't it?.)

Numbers are all cool and what not, but the main benefit of having listened to so much music this year is that it expanded my musical taste a TON. I started listening to a lot more blues, got into jazz, picked up dubstep, took a brief little trip down memory lane into old punk rock, then got into about a dozen new subgenres of metal, which I won't bother listing off. I think it happened because I can't sit and listen to the same thing for hours. I'll listen to a queue of albums, then have nothing else that I want to listen to, which will make me go out and look for something new!

All this listening has also changed my charts drastically. I used to bitch about how hard it was to introduce a new artist to my top 50, but I shoved a bunch of them in this year (ie Anaal Nathrakh, Cephalic Carnage, Blues BrothersCorey Harris) ... Though, if I don't listen to as much music next year, it'll be pretty damn difficult to put new artists in my top 50... I think that at the end of last year, my 50th place artist had 170ish plays. Right now, my 50th place artist, Hate Forest has 318 plays (which reminds me, I should listen to some Hate Forest soon.)

Now, as is traditional for me, I'll set a goal to reach by the start of my 8th year here.
Anyway, I'll leave it here. Talking about my listening habits is pretty fun, but it gets dull after a while. There's only so much to talk about before you have to wait a while for new habits to show up. I'll set the goal at 90000; that'll be 25000 songs throughout the year, and I figure topping my performance this year would be a pretty fun challenge. So, to reach 90000, I'll have to listen to 68.90 songs per day. Not too bad.
I'll set a much more difficult goal, just for fun. 100000 by the start of my 8th year. That'll require just over 35000 tracks during the year and will require 96.30 songs per day. Come at me, bro.

Speaking of that, I had an idea some tiem back in the past year or two. I thought I might completely ignore my charts, tracks played, scrobbling timeline, level, AEP, etc. for about a month. Sometimes I feel like my listening habits are influenced by a bunch of numbers. I'll listen to shorter tracks to get more plays, only think to listen to an artist when they're sinking out of my top 50, actively try to raise my AEP by listening to certain artists... I feel my habits should be more free than that. So I think that I'll stop paying attention to any stats for a while, starting today. Let's see how my musical habits play themselves out au naturel.

As a final note, I'll say that my 7th year of Last.fm starts here.
Kickign it off with Antarctica.
Not fuckin' bad.


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