An archive of my old charts at 22/03/2007


22 mars 2007, 9h23m

So I'm deleting all my charts and keeping this as a memory of my old charts. My taste is music has changed radically since I first got this account 2 years ago and I guess it's time to recount my taste. No tags included. So if you're on my profile and read this, leave any comments you want.

Tracks played: 56,118

1 The Mars Volta 4,467
2 Soundgarden 3,990
3 John Frusciante 3,631
4 At the Drive-In 3,558
5 AFI 3,539
6 The Cure 2,354
7 Nine Inch Nails 2,229
8 Muse 2,011
9 Red Hot Chili Peppers 1,627
10 Tool 1,245
11 A Perfect Circle 1,099
12 The Smiths 1,093
13 Placebo 953
14 Silverchair 951
15 Audioslave 940
16 The Tea Party 899
17 New Order 832
18 The Smashing Pumpkins 821
19 Jeff Buckley 796
20 Joy Division 775
21 Pearl Jam 720
22 Radiohead 702
23 Led Zeppelin 658
24 Rage Against the Machine 585
25 Stone Temple Pilots 557
26 Alice in Chains 534
27 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 523
28 Wolfmother 485
29 Sparta 447
30 Talking Heads 420
31 Guns N' Roses 405
32 Sigur Rós 398
33 Chris Cornell 394
34 The Strokes 370
35 The Presets 364
36 Bloc Party 351
37 Kings of Leon 322
38 Midnight Oil 314
39 Children of Bodom 292
40 The Faint 264
41 The Flaming Lips 261
42 Mogwai 248
43 The Sleepy Jackson 237
44 Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez 216
45 Dream Theater 196
46 Something With Numbers 194
47 Portugal. The Man 191
48 Metallica 190
49 Cog 186
50 Van She 183


  • Quickdive

    I must admit that I fail to see the difference. You still love the Mexicans, AFI is still a part of your playlist. Could you explain the radical change?

    22 mars 2007, 9h38m
  • MozzaC

    Well my charts haven't cleared yet, check back tomorrow. But the difference includes I listen to grunge alot less frequently, my death metal count is now at 0, and I listen to a hell lot more instrument rock and indie rock. The differences will be noticeable in a few weeks, if not well then I've learnt something that I haven't changed as much as I thought. I win either way I suppose.

    23 mars 2007, 8h30m
  • emergingsynergy

    This seems like a happy change to me. I would be interested in your thoughts on the transition away from death metal, counting zero now, and the perhaps related move from grunge. I wonder about the interaction, the chicken and the egg question, between mood and music. So, try to explain! :) Did you change your attitude about life or did your moods change? Did you find the music affected your mood and so change your music to change your mood? That kind of thing..... I have found that my musical desires change from time to time, but that much of what I ever liked has stayed with me. But it is true that I can take only smaller doses of some stuff that is pretty harsh. Yet death metal has always eluded me as genre'. It seems so angry and almost hurtful. One of the things I know, thankfully, is that there are a lot of good, peaceful and peace-loving fans of death metal; and I figure they get some good release from it. Of course all of us, who feel, feel anger and angry music can help us perhaps. I don't know.... So that is why I ask you. Why the shift in taste and what accompanies or causes it? Surely it is rooted in some personal growth or change .... or may be causing that. What is that?

    27 mars 2007, 12h39m
  • MelonHCST

    You listened to Audioslave 940 times? You idiot

    12 jui. 2012, 12h38m
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