13 juin 2007, 11h54m

I've managed to connect my computer to my old cassette stereo, and I'm making mixtapes from mp3s, this is pure meditation I tell ya!
I've kinda lost track of what I've been recording but it features for instance The Plan, Lasse Lindh, Tingsek, Bob Dylan, Justice Vs Simian, Quit Your Dayjob, The Knife, Josh Rouse, Lars Demian, Hundarna and Håkan Hellström.
Ehm, my point is, that this was fun. Mixtapes is fun.


  • IamFlood

    That's a good idea. A very good idea.

    13 juin 2007, 16h49m
  • Hutor

    Mixtapes is fun indeed, i wish i was born in the age where one could switch mixtapes with ones friends without being so tragically ineffective.

    24 juin 2007, 10h56m
  • PorchWhistler

    Mixtapes is the shit. Det ska ju vara kassetband i bilen, alltså. Inget jävla CD-skivor. Nu låter jag nästan lite reaktionär av mig, men det ÄR så. Det är SÅ. Ska göra band som tusan när jag får körkort, en vacker dag.

    24 juin 2007, 13h04m
  • EyalB

    I love making mixtapes (well, CDs, I'm not hardcore). It's a good occasional reminder of the huge number of great songs out there.

    15 jui. 2007, 17h35m
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