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  • JERD6

    You smell at replying. How are you anyway?

    31 mars 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Well that's no good...Hopefully things turn around for you! That kinda sucks about the uni subjects but it'll be over before you know it. I am indeed :) Toning my boday, what's not to like! Haha. Hehe i've always loved looking at one point I was thinking about real estate but I don't like the selling I just wanna look at them lol. Good-o! Well I hope you have a good day today! Have you been watching much TV lately? Apart from your gave Glee and Biggest Loser :P

    21 mars 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Hurro :) I am quite well and yourself? Things are good...just working, doing some uni shizzle - we are currently doing gymnastics, dance and fitness testing in this other subject (like yesterday we did the beep test and yoyo test) so i'm kinda i ran this morning which was nice...ive changed my route recently and i love seeing all these houses...they're like dream houses of mine lol. How are things with you? Enjoying uni? And how's training? :) p.s. totes beating you in the plays count :):):):):D:):)

    18 mars 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Sounds pretty coolies :) Hopefully the hw isn't too lame. Ah well 2nd is still good! You do quite well in like all the comps you enter :P hehe. Yesterday I did more painting in our kitchen and general cleaning and today just chilled at my gmas. Uni starts tomorrow for me! Have you been watching the biggest loser?

    6 mars 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Heyyo! Sounds pretty fun! And yeah uni is busay times. I have been relaxing and enjoying my last few days of hols til i start on Monday. Ive seen Clara heaps and she is leaving today. But cheeyeahh what chu doing this weekend? How did you go with that comp where you coloured that old computer of yours?

    4 mars 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Herro! How has uni been so far? I'm a bit I realise i have had a pretty dayum good and lenghthy break but my mind is a bit cbb atm. I'm sure I'll enjoy it though. Did you have fun bowling the other day?

    24 fév. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Yeah, Monica and I had lunch and went around the city for a bit. Then I had work in the evening. But it was a nice day, I received a rose and some chocolates haha. Not that it's really a big deal of a day....especially when you're single :P hbu?

    17 fév. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6


    9 fév. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Hmm not too bayyyd. Doing some job searching again...Had a virus on my comp last week cost me $100, yey! I've been seeing peeps and relaxing and cleaning the house and exercising and stuff like that. What have you been up to since being back?

    17 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Yo! Welcome back :) Glad to be home? Did you buy anything over there?

    12 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Harlo :) It was nice. Good view...there was this house right there and you could see the people in it :P man if i lived there, it would be the perfect nye location! She's staying til feb 26th? i think so. We missed the count down coz it was on the otherside of the bridge!! dammit haha. But it was nice to see people from school. Caribbean! Holy mother. Thats pretty cool. Like really cool. I must see pictures! of your whole trip! Hahaha you're such a bum. Yesh it would be nice to see you again :) I cant believe the taumenting library days were over a year ago! :'( lol. Keep having fun :)

    8 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    MAYMAYYYYYYYYYY happy new year!!!! :D how is the cruise so far?? oh wow cool! I would like to go to a massive theme park like those :) did you go on any freaky riiiiiiiiiiiides? I has been doing good :) Had like 2 weeks off work due to melbs and public hols but i went back today...vair hot today! other than that just chilling...For new years i went to lavender bay, very nice view! then i stayed at clara's coz she's back in sydney for a bit which is awesome! what did you do for nye? um and hi, hope you're having an awesome time, of course you are! whats your room like on the cruise? ttys xxx ps what is this mason roberts played 3 times? your own track awesome! haha. pps have you seen this? HAHAHAHA best!!

    2 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Teehee yes, the black smoke was sick dawg >.> but no, no monies back! Ahh lame....But wow thats good. I'll go there one day to shop :) All the Americans that come into my work always say how much more expensive sport shoes are in Australia....Idk what to say to them :/...sorry? lol. Haha I am kind of enjoying the long as its not humid, im a happy chappy :) It would be nice for it not to rain for xmas tomorrow. HAVE AN AWESOME XMAS BTW! <3 Ooh cool touristy things, sounds good :) How was New York?? Ima go thereeee. I wanna go to so many places far out! Haha your sis is cool! Real snow would be nice....not ice in canberra (not real snow). Everything is good i wish i had something cool to report...but you know not all of us can travel the world *glare* :P What are you doing for NYE? Oh and how were your uni results? HAVE FUN prease and thank you. A location update is necessary! xxx

    24 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Mayyyyymayyyyyyyyyy hi :) it was a cruise along the yarra wasnt for too long coz we had engine troubles haha so just under an hour i think. it was nice though :) the flights were good. on the way to melbs my ears died haha but it was fine on the way back to syd! i was in the middle seat both times...but i was able to see some of the awesome view <3 Ahhhh a white xmas! I want one, one year...would be amazing. Have a merry xmas may may :)<3. Ahh thats lame! Maybe they are cheaper in the US? Hope you're having an awesome time!! I want updates mr! and when do you arrive back? so jelllzzz haha. xx

    20 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Hahaha yodel. Geez louise...vair cold. We have booked this cruise, going to go to an ice bar (the ones that are completely ice and you have to wear some awesome suits :P), shooping, site seeing in general, dining out...things like that :) We are flying which will be my first flight evs! Exciting stuffs hehe. Haha yeah I guess it is you meanie :P I dont work til jan 2nd so a bit of time out from my weekly routine is welcomed muchly! You and your silly hip. I hope you are having an awesome time! Taking pics etc. So where will you be on xmas day?? xx p.s. here is gone - goo goo dolls started playing while i was writing <3

    15 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • JERD6

    holy mother of lord yay! thats so exciting :) where are you off to next? ahh thats good then. you're completely over your sickness now, right? yeah things are pretty good with me. the weeks have been going pretty quickly...seeing friends, exercising, working on weekends. Im going to melb on the 17th! im so excited :P an xmas dinner with friends instead of buying each other gifts a few days before xmas. Going to my gmas for our annual xmas lunch. what are you doing for xmas? that doesnt sound good! it might be the way you walk...and also the shoes you wear...take it easy :/

    12 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • JERD6

    Harlow! Hows things lately? miss ya may may!

    11 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • lucaszugaib

    yeah', i'm brazilian! My dream is know and travel in Australia, must be a great place :D

    29 nov. 2010 Répondre
  • lucaszugaib

    haha tks dude. So, you from Australia, right? :)

    28 nov. 2010 Répondre
  • lucaszugaib

    Have an awesome taste man (:

    28 nov. 2010 Répondre
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