• iPod Blues

    7 déc. 2006, 18h32m

    Is anyone else having issues with album art in iTunes 7.0.2? Whenever I import new tracks, the album art shows up fine in iTunes but fails to display on my iPod unless I go perform a crazy workaround.

    The workaround involves copying the BMP file from iTunes, converting it to JPEG and then replacing the art manually. Anyone else heard of this problem?
  • Mediaeval Mood

    7 déc. 2006, 17h19m

    I'm not sure what it is lately, but I've been feeling a need to listen to my "Take me to the Faire" playlist in iTunes a lot lately.

    I recently discovered the Mediaevel Baebes, and though they have a silly name their music is anything but.

    I've mixed that with some tunes from Dolce Triade, some Kumi Tanioka, some Nuove Musiche, some Ko Otani and some Miki Higashino. I also threw in some weirder stuff like Mince Pye and Bear McCreary.

    I hope I haven't been bugging this shit out of my co-workers with all the folk instruments and such...
  • New this Week

    2 oct. 2006, 21h57m

    I just picked up the Okami Original Soundtrack, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Ceberus, SMW, Xenosaga III, and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria - Arrange Album. Out of all of them, I'd say I'm enjoying the Okami soundtrack the most. You can pick it up on Play right now; the five disc set is totally worth the cash.

    As for recommending Dirge of Ceberus, well, not so much... There were only about three really good, stand-out tracks in the whole score. I must say, I'm rather disapointed with the album, especially coming from Masashi Hamauzu...

    If you're looking to pick up something excellent for free, I would suggest looking into XOC's album SMW which you can pick up from the internet archive here. I really dug the Forest Of Illusion track, which has an arrangement that sounds similiar to something The Minibossesmight do.

    If you're into surf rock, I might suggest Takeshi Terauchi And The Bunnys' Let's Go Classics, which is currently up for grabs here. Also concentrated 60's surf music awesome is the Samurai Struck album, which can be downloaded, in part, from their site's US mirror. The reason I bring them up is that I discovered them after playing Musashiden II: Blademaster, which happens to have a fine score by Masashi Hamauzu (one that isn't mostly filler, but does have a lot of ambient style mood tracks).

    I just finished updating my iPod and downloading the latest Venture Bros. episode. I'm out.

    Edit: Too bad none of the albums can be found here on, especially the Okami soundtrack. You guys have to check it out - it's probably the best all around score I've heard in months. It's one of the few that I can listen to almost an entire disc without having to skip through it. I couldn't say that about Final Fantasy XII or Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (which I thought were both good, but had far too many filler tracks...)