• Carnivorous Fringe

    10 nov. 2008, 21h14m

    Mooseifer has just completed work on album number 7 Carnivorous Fringe.

    Track listing is as follows:

    1. You Appear To Have The Leprosy
    2. If You Didin't Like My Other Tunes (Why Are You Downloading This One)
    3. Mr creepy Man
    4. Llama Song
    5. Woah Woah Wo-woah
    6. Peppers Of Mistys Truck Stop
    7. What
    8. Who WantsTo Go For A Pint
    9. (2)
    11. Carnivorous Fringe
    12. Mega Witch IV
    13. Wayperns Of Mustard Fucktion

    Album cover was designed by Sir Rubb Mc Fuckbucket III Esq Thanks, man!!!

    It's coming very soon!!!!!
  • Fecal Brothers

    25 mai 2008, 11h22m

    = Sexy!!!
  • Factory Assembled Tree Surgeon

    26 avr. 2008, 14h23m

    Here's the new album by Mooseifer.

    Titled: Factory Assembled Tree Surgeon

    Download = 37.37mb

    It's a double album, 40 tracks.



    01 Backseat Betty
    02 Skedesvamp
    03 Jedi Clampet
    04 When BMS Get PMS (not my title says mooseifer - mix)
    05 Interview with Dr. Nipples
    06 Shemanephant
    07 The Day The Pizzaguy Didnt Come
    08 Reverse Colonoscopy
    09 Now that nikki jensen has left, who carries the SHIT TORCH
    10 He still does (Now that nikki jensen has left who carries the SHIT TORCH pt2)
    11 Revenge of the Labia
    12 pokemon massacre pt 113 beyon dimensions (pokemon massacre pt2)
    14 Factory Assembled Tree Surgeon
    15 Montgomery the crocheted sasquatch
    16 Swimming In Robotussin
    17 fuck off attention whore
    18 analkløe
    19 soul patch mismatch
    20 Cheesequake Part One (The Wensleydale Revolt)


    01 Captain Twiki and the Island of Fugitives
    02 TwEaKiNcOsTaRiCaN
    03 Optoelectric Nuclear Vulva
    04 authority on the subject of loveliness
    05 Virgin Hippopotamus
    06 LOL Iceland
    07 sup
    08 The Revenge of the Melting Brain Jelly Sandwich-Eating Poo-Scoopers
    10 The big song of sexiness and stuff
    11 Shitwangers Incorporated
    12 Anal Evacuation
    13 The Great Poo-scape
    14 Space Ghoats Coaste to Coaste
    15 Someone Stole My TV Remote
    16 Urinating Fire
    17 Brainbag
    18 Romantic Ox in the Valley of The Tumbleweed Beast
    19 A Song about Vin Diesels Teeny tiny pee pee
    20 Wahahahahhawooooooooo


  • Factory Assembled Tree Surgeon Relese Date:

    16 fév. 2008, 15h40m

    Album number 5 will be released Saturday 26th April.

    Now on with your lives.
  • Lord McGillicuddy's Sexy Time - The Videos

    7 fév. 2008, 13h43m

    Today marks the start of the official Lord Mcgillicuddy's Sexy Time Videos, there will eventually be one for each tune. These videos were made using the same budget as the movie Waterworld!!!!

    Tell your friends to watch them. They look like they could do with a laugh.


    Enjoy sexy Mooseifer and his music on an hourly basis, it can help you get the ladies/men.*

    Disclaimer: *Mooseifer's music may not help you get the ladies/men.
  • Mooseifer Discography

    6 fév. 2008, 20h20m


    1. Ain't No Coal Chamber Here, Sir
    2. V Is For Volcano Arse
    3. Mooseifer Vs The 60ft Grind Core-mando
    4. Lord McGillicuddy's Sexy Time
    5. Factory Assembled Tree Surgeon


    1. Gravy

    Exclusive Tracks:

    1. Xmas is not summer, fuck sake
    2. Untitled (AKA: Alfred the Sheep)
  • Lord McGillicuddy's Sexy Time

    25 jan. 2008, 20h08m

    I'm just putting the final touches to my new album "Lord McGillicuddy's Sexy Time", there are 8 tracks on the album and it will be available really soon. I'll give away one or two track titles now (for those who will read this).. lol. "Rainbows and Kittens" and "Lord McGillicuddy's Sexy Time" are two of them... keep checking back here and 8 brand new tracks will be yours for FREE. Listen.Enjoy.Forget.
  • 18-12-2007

    18 déc. 2007, 20h22m

    Today was the day the 3rd Ultra shit album by Mooseifer was released. The album is called "Mooseifer vs the 60ft Grind Core-mando"... 51 tracks of experimentation, noise, industrial, grindcore, metal, etc... there's something for everyone on there. You can check out the preview for the albums on Mooseifer's music page.

    The Ultra Shit revolution starts here.

    Fuck Yeah!!
    The Grind Core-mando