Random Rules


6 mars 2006, 7h44m

First saw it on The Onion A.V. Club, and then Metafilter picked it up: http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/49621 for the MeFi version. Basically what happens is you set your mp3 device of choice on random and comment on the tracks that come up. MeFi seems to have set the limit at five, but I'm just gonna see how far this takes me.

(And I won't cheat! Promise!)

Fall Together
I very much dig the way this song seems to be a bit buzzier, louder, and in general rock a bit more than the average Weezer tune. And, since we're sort of talking about Rivers Cuomo, I should re-state that he definitely shouldn't have a beard. He is not a beard-compliant man.

Mas Fuerte Que El Sol (Atfc Summer Smoothie mix)
I am unsure of what to say about this song. It came to me via a strange but overall rather good compilation disc (Man Ray Vol. 3) I borrowed, the whole of which is this kind of odd but groovy experience that is best listened to when you are by yourself in a car at night, on a characteristically straight Manitoba road. It is okay if you stop paying attention to the music for a bit to think, this album totally does not mind, and it will not intrude on your thoughts until you are ready.

sweet, I still have like a minute and a half left on this song. I'm doing good.

Jungle Garden
From the Smash Bros. Melee soundtrack. They put in an excellent effort to translate the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack to an orchestral experience, but this is one time (of several) when I prefer the original game audio.

The Dark Elf
Just a quick little ditty between tunes on their epic "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" album. It does make me ask; whither the concept album? Why are there so few these days?

Etude 1
This is a guitar riff that lasts 12 seconds and is from Chrono Cross. Barely worth commenting on and yet here I am anyway.

Maniac Mansion - Michael
Maniac Mansion is a game that I never really played, mostly because I only got into the LucasArts games with Loom (so, post MM) and later Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max. Also, I did not play it much because it is very hard. It probably isn't if you just have patience, but I didn't, and the graphics weren't snazzy enough or the game not enough like Sam & Max to stop me from just going back to Sam & Max.

This is a guy who not only has been remixing tracks from games quite near and dear to my heart, but he has been doing it damn well to boot. Though I am a little bit sad that he seems to have bypassed Super Metroid in favor of Prime, I can't stay upset on account of how finely-produced these tracks are.

Last one. Stemage isn't done yet so I'm excited.

Come on...

This is one of those tracks that at first you wouldn't really suspect of being by Pink Floyd. Paradoxically, if you get to know the band, it totally seems like Pink Floyd. It is a rare kind of instrumental where the name of the song seems to make perfect sense, like A Foggy Day in Vietnam.

Okay, one more. Depending on what it is.


Calm Before the Storm
I don't think it took a lot of time after the purchase - that's right, I bought this album without even really having heard anything off it - to start coming to terms with the fact that there was nothing particularly special about what Darude was doing here. When an entire album can be boiled down to about three distinct tracks, not counting the remixes which I do not mind, you might want to think about the whole "growth" as an "artist" thing. Not that it's a bad album, don't get me wrong. I certainly appreciate the way that in its present, pared-down form on my hard drive, it takes up much less space than it normally might.

"Okay, street cred, we'll see you later some time!"
"Probably not, dude."


  • patneuf101

    Random Rules by The Silver Jews is one of my favorite songs of all-time, it's amazing.

    7 mars 2006, 8h31m
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