a flock of seagulls got their name from it about phoning up his drug dealer amazing amazing remix awesome beautiful beautiful synths belle malissima bens voice is the beauty best intro ever best song they ever did best song to use the word debauchery better than the album version bloody brilliant bring this back eurosport but it is enough cant complain mustnt grumble help yourself to another piece of apple crumble chris lowe goes fishing with his rod classic click computerlove crazy cute dance dance classic dedicated to everyone who ever fucked me over describes the weather in my town discotastic double entendre or what electronic every song is a loved track freaks me out great guitar solo great lyrics helectronic warfare hell yeah hey you what the fuck is wrong with you hot how fucking great is this i think we need a haircut interesting mix jean jacques burnel rules keith floyd kicks ass kicks your ass literally kicks ass love love love love the typing bit in it majestic megasexy music i used to listen to at school musical sex new york ice-cream tv travel good times no gary jules version is not fucking better old snow patrol was better pastoral perfect pretty lovely rawks really got me cereal right on seriously amazing sexy sexy bassline shivers down the spine song for pretty boys everywhere song that plays in heaven speechless with the beauty synthpop thats not my licquorice allsorts the beginning is so kraftwerk the clothes show theme tune oh yeah the finchley boys the sex the song that is love the sound of beauty their best ever song this is different from the original how this song has my birthday in it this song has no lyrics believe it or not this song is about kendal top one nice one get sorted unless your name is saddam hussein up the bloody tree very nice version of a great song wanna shake like liguardia why is this only a b-side yeah baby yeah i have