• These Are Sounds - Video Wednesday #1

    24 fév. 2010, 18h11m

    Every Wednesday I’m going to share some videos. Some old, some new, some forgotten, anything goes...

    This week we have The Knife, Mew, Two Door Cinema Club and more...

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  • These Are Sounds - Ellie Goulding:- Worth The Hype?

    22 fév. 2010, 6h25m

    I am surprised I have controlled myself for this long with only a brief mention of Ellie Goulding. I first heard Ellie on Huw Stephens’s Radio One show back in the middle of last year, I don’t know what exactly made me go on the hunt for more but I did and I have been in a little Ellie Goulding shaped musical bubble ever since...

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  • number thirty-three. 2000 trees 2009

    19 jui. 2009, 23h22m

    2000 Trees Festival 2009

    After what I was convinced was going to become a complete washout of a festival I actually had an awesome time :)

    Friday's lineup (for me) was nowhere near as good as Saturday's. A lot of heavy stuff, metal and although there were a few bands I really enjoyed and watched fully there was a lot of milling around... and drinking Badgers Bottom. Honestly, Badgers Bottom (a very very strong and pungent local cider) is the best stuff that can pass your lips. A few pints of that and you're anyones.

    Some people I met last week at a You Animals gig recommended me to go see The Chapman Family - which I did. It was during their set the heavens opened and I was litterally soaked to the bone watching them. I could wring pints of water from my dress. They were worth sticking around for. 2000 Trees described them as 1 part early manics, 2 parts sonic youth... although I can see why they say that I wouldn't really agree... I think they come across a lot heavier live than they do on record. Either way am impressed with both live and recordings :)

    In the evening Fightstar were headlining and I stuck around for a few tracks but then headed to the Leaf Lounge to watch Let's Tea Party, wish I'd cuaght their whole set! So much fun! I went in just as they started their cover of Way I Are - was fantastic. Bought their single and have listened to it lots since :)

    Also worth a mention... Rolo Tomassi - not my thing at all and I only heard it from my tent (infact I had a little snooze whilst they were on) but they did sound really really good.

    Saturday was much more 'me' - that said I was really disappointed with British Sea Power. I was hoping something far more... erm... engaging? Less boring? I'm not saying there weren't good... just I think I was expecting more.

    Stand outs being...

    Dananananaykroyd, Wild Beasts, Slow Club and Howard James Kenny.

    Howard James Kenny was first on in the Leaf Lounge and proved to be the perfect cure to a groggy morning feeling. How one man's voice and an acoustic guitar can make such pretty music I don't know (yeah the excessive use of loop pedals helped!) but really, he was very very good. Probably my favourite discovery of the weekend :)

    Hadn't heard Wild Beasts before but really enjoyed their set. Just sat back on the grass and muched and drank whilst enjoying them. Will give them more of a listen no am home!

    Slow Club were Blood Red Shoes replacement. I was gutted when BRS pulled out - would have loved to see them but hey-ho. Slow Club were fab. Sat there with a cup of tea in the 'sun' and was perfect. Went up to the stage about halfway through and they were great, she was very funny.

    Danananananykroyd were great fun. Honestly, haven't had that much fun whilst watching a band for a while. They got the audience going really well (the wall of hugs was lovely :)) and their tracks sound even better live. I was expecting them to be good but they were really fucking amazing :)

    Lots of great bands, fun people (the Scooby Doo and Taz fight was amusing - I wish I'd taken pics), tasty food, quality booze and just a great atmosphere.

    I managed to catch all of or most bits of...

    The Chapman Family
    Attack! Attack!
    Let's Tea Party
    Randall Stevens
    Ruth Bewsey
    British Sea Power
    Red Light Company
    Wild Beasts
    Slow Club
    Jay Jay Pistolet
    Sara Schiralli
    Aspen Sails
    Vandeville Falls
    Howard James Kenny
  • number thirty-two. hello there!

    12 jui. 2009, 13h34m

    not blogged here for quite sometime. guess i've had other things going on.

    anyway here i am having a ramble about musicy goodness.

    going to see You Animals tomorrow at The Old Blue Last for one of their single launch dates. i have seen them many times as Komakino but never as You Animals so am really looking forward to it as i always enjoyed Komakino so much as a live band. i am very aware though that that was then and this is now and that the band have changed and moved on... - MySpace

    heard Ellie Goulding on the Huw Stephens show quite some time ago now and fell in love, what Huw had actually played was the Jakwob Remix of Starry Eyed but i gave the original a listen and really love it, i think it'll be my summer track. this girl deserves to be big... she has just put up a 'new' track on her myspace called Swimming Pool and is equally as beautiful - MySpace

    after od'ing on Lykke Li (both before and during the release of Youth Novels) i have gone back to playing her reguarly... again and again. Little Bit is probably going to end up as one of my favourite songs, i just don't seem to tire.

    this weekend i am off to 2000 Trees, am a bit gutted that both Frank Turner and Blood Red Shoes have pulled out (particuarly the latter) but spose it'll just be nice being at a festival...British Sea Power should be good and I am kinda looking forward to Dananananaykroyd and if I am honest Fightstar are a bit of guilty pleasure, and yes, it is purely cos it's 'Charlie from Busted'.

    well i'll stop rambling now... bit i really must come back soon, keep this updated...
  • number thirty-one. does this make me a geek?

    25 fév. 2009, 11h59m

    you know the 1001 albums you must hear before you die? well i have gotten hold of a excel file that lists them and you can mark once you have listened to them and it adds the score up as you go.

    i am determined to do this. i want to hear each of these albums at least once before the day i die.

    it's a bit geeky doing it in excel but i don't care... i have my record collection in an excel file with many columns full of relevant/irrelvant (depending on your POV) information.

    i can't believe i just confessed that!

    edit: my boyfriend just read this... he didn't even know i did that. oh dear!
  • number thirty. so it has been sometime...

    19 fév. 2009, 14h20m

    i haven't blogged here for quite some time!

    so i am here now and want to share with you three bands i hope make it this year. they are three bands that i love. some for long than others but i really want to see all three go on and have a little (or a lot!) success!

    1. This Beautiful Thief - they are a friend's band, so obviously i'm gonna say they are good. but really, they are :) i would really recommend downloading the recordings they have put up for free download, either on here or at their website.

    2. You Animals - i loved Komakino. don't know why, there was just something about them. and this is their newest venture (with a lineup shuffle!)

    3. The Winter Sounds - i have loved these guys (and girl!) for such a long time and i really really hope that one day they shall come to the UK.

    and something for a little visual pleasure?

  • Number twenty-nine. So...

    25 sept. 2008, 12h13m

    I know I am supposed to hate Kings of Leon, cos I have always slated them and I admit now it was porbably cos I just didn't 'get' them, cos I am seriously enjoying Only by the Night. And now I am going back through their older stuff I see it all in a new light and it's a good light :)

    Another album I have been thoroughly enjoying is TV on the Radio's Dear Science, probably more so than KoL's. I liked them before but this album is just wow, I love it.

    I am impressed with both those albums that I have only had for a few days, so impressed they have already ended up on a mixtape I have made...

    Also been listening to Noah and the Whale's', 'Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down' and have been enjoying that and there are some pretty tracks on there... 'Second Lover' for example...

    And obviously I have totally been bumming the new Passion Pit EP. I LOVE these guys. So freaking much!

  • Number twenty-eight. Intimacy - track by track covers.

    26 août 2008, 18h59m

  • number twenty-seven. sometimes things just make sense.

    26 août 2008, 12h46m

    We Were Lovers

    we meet inside the café,
    the air is thick like hospital,
    choked by the gold on your finger,
    we were lovers.

    bury the thoughts that resurface,
    those hands were mine.

    and now our love has been forgotten,
    like it was never there,
    we're just sitting here like strangers,
    you gave me yourself for just a little while,
    but it was you,
    it was really you.

    staring into my coffee,
    it is not black just a shade of brown,
    too scared to let our eyes meet,
    what will we see?

    and now our love has been forgotten,
    like it was never there,
    we're just sitting here like strangers,
    you gave me yourself for just a little while,
    but it was you,
    it was really you.

    and now our love has been forgotten,
    like it was never there,
    we're just sitting here like strangers,
    you gave me yourself for just a little while,
    but it was you,
    it was really you.

    the space between us,
    will not be beat,
    oceans and past lives,
    we were lovers.
  • number twenty-six. my thoughts on intimacy.

    21 août 2008, 12h38m

    Bloc Party - Intimacy

    Track 1 - Ares
    An awesome opener, enough to rival Like Eating Glass, but I still reckon LEG has the edge! Kele's vocals on this track are so interesting he shows off his speech, falsetto, yeling and everything else he seems to be able to do. The voices in the background remind me of the start of Prince Charming - funny. To me this is a nice merge of old skool Bloc and new skool Bloc.

    Track 2 - Mercury
    When first hearing this I truly hated it. It has since grown on me and now hearing it in context with the album I really don't mind it now. That said it would not be anywhere near my favourites of the album. I'm not going to describe this track, you should all have heard it by now.

    Track 3 - Halo
    This is what I would consider classic Bloc Party. The sound of the guitars and the drums are beautiful :) This is certainly one I am looking forward to live. And I love the line "Paralyse me with your kiss, Wipe those dirty hands on me"

    Track 4 - Biko
    This is currently my favourite off the album. I love it, even though it seems to be about a friend suffering from cancer? I can see the comparisons of this and Emma Kate's Accident, but I was never overly keen on EKA. There is just something about the way he sings "Biko, toughen up". The vocals in the background that sweep from ear to ear is just perfect. And the bass and drums coming in is what, for me, makes it that much better than EKA. The last minute is so BEAUTIFUL.

    Track 5 - Trojan Horse
    Another typical Bloc song. The chorus is really what got me in this one, Kele's voice is great. A good example of their prgression perhaps? Guitars and massive riffs vs. a slightly dancey feel.

    Track 6 - Signs
    Such a pretty song! I love the way the glockenspiels seem to be the replacement for guitars. The way they all tangle around each other is lovely. Lyrically I think it's quite sad but the music is so fitting. The synthiness is also rather lovely

    Track 7 - One Month Off
    I am not sure on this track. I can hear Helicopter or Hunting For Witches in this, but I feel it lacks something. As for that key change, I am still undecided. The crazy sounds at 2 minutes make me laugh, but overall I am not keen.

    Track 8 - Zephyrus
    This seems to have had a mixed reception. Personally I think it is a stand out track. It is so scary and haunting sounding. I still can't believe that it is the same track that begins with a awesome drum loop and finishes in a full choir. The choir is stunning and it is nice to know a real choir was used. They could have not got this sound if they hadn't I guess. Lion King soundtrack gone wrong perhaps?

    Track 9 - Better Than Heaven
    Now this would be fun to dance to. A dirty sounding Bloc always wins in my books. The way Kele says "Such a laugh" is woah. This track could have easily been slower but the drums have made it quite fast tempo which I think is a good thing. It sounds like a big mess at 2.52, but it is a good mess. It still has me dancing. It just doesn't stop, it's sooooooooo good.

    Track 10 - Ion Square
    A lovely closer. Relitively slow, nothing too fancy. The way this track builds up is great and quite uplifting. Something to rival So Here We Are and This Modern Love perhaps?
    The best way to end an immense album :)

    Overall a stunning, somewhat unexpected album!