number eighteen. albums of 2007 so far.


3 jui. 2007, 16h11m

so far i have three albums...thing is all three are so very different and i like them for different reasons. though i guess i dont need to decide quite yet the ultimate one, 2007 is far from over :)

in no order

The Maccabees - colour it in
i know very little about the maccabees. i only downloaded their album cos i am an avid nme reader and they seemed to be a bit of an nme band, a shallow reason i know. there is a lot of stuff like this out at the moment, and although i like i lot of it, it is the sort of stuff that will just fade away by next year and im aware of that. something tells me though that the maccabees can easily give us another album as good as this. with the exception of one or two tracks, every track on this album could be a single.

Shady Bard - from the ground up
i had wanted to hear this album for such a long time after hearing a few tracks about a year or so ago. the album certainly didn't disappoint. unfortunately i cant see them going anywhere far because i don't think they will appeal to enough people (i hope this can be proved wrong i truly do.) there are some beautiful tracks on the album, really really stunning. please prove me wrong shady bard and become uber successful :)

Rihanna - good girl gone bad
see, i told you there were three very differnt albums! i only heard this for the first time a few days ago, but it is stunning and the production on it is very very good. i like it for the same reasons that i liked Nelly Furtado's - Loose. which incidentally was my album on '06. its an album you can laugh at, cry at, dance to, whatever, and i like those kind of albums. i like them lots :)

recommended tracks
Fires - shady bard
Penguins - shady bard
All In Your Rows - the maccabees
Happy Faces - the maccabees
Push Up on Me - rihanna
Sell Me Candy - rihanna


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