Lyrics Game


7 jui. 2007, 9h05m

I thought it was time for a new lyrics game.
You know the drill. First Line of a song (unless if gives away the name, then the next line), Guess the name and artist.

1. Maybe I'm half, maybe I'm whole
Don't Be Afraid
2. I don't have a job In the Summertime
3. Won't you tell me your name Sarah
4. Turn around take a picture Saffron
5. I changed my colour for you Chameleon Boy
6. Haven't thought of you lately at all We Used to Be Friends
7. Wake up in the morning with a head like ˜what you done?"Don't Feel Like Dancin'
8. When I'm out and about
9. And so it is just like you said it would be
The Blower's Daughter
10. It came without warning The River

Blue October
Eskimo Joe
The Dandy Warhols
David Franj
Kate Miller-Heidke
Damien Rice
Scissor Sisters
Thirsty Merc

Have Fun
I'm off to see Beautiful Girls now


  • marginwalker222

    9. damien rice - blowers daughter

    7 jui. 2007, 13h52m
  • snowskye

    7. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

    7 jui. 2007, 15h05m
  • justrandom

    3. Sarah - Eskimo Joe

    8 jui. 2007, 16h25m
  • Silence11_au

    1. David Franj - Don't Be Afraid

    9 sept. 2007, 9h04m
  • Silence11_au

    4. Taxiride - Saffron

    9 sept. 2007, 9h06m
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