Lyrics Game II


22 juin 2006, 3h41m

I'm very bored, so this might keep me entertained for a few minutes

You know the drill. First line from a song. Pick the song and the artist. no cheating.

1.Hi, this is Peggy. Leave me a nice message or I'll kill ya Unemployed Boyfriend
2.Must of been mid afternoon Counting Blue Cars
3.No one hurt my fragile little mind right now You Suck
4.She would forgive the truth Down In Flames
5.Look at the street there's a crack in the window
6.Ooh you make me lay down Send It Up
7.I just opened up my eyes Something More
8.How can it be permissible Robert Palmer
9.I could be a lover like that Everywhere You Go
10.i get confused when i'm tired

Some Hints:
David Franj
Merril Bainbridge
The Murmurs
Robert Palmer
Vertical Horizon
Human Nature


  • sartellman

    I can't remember the murmurs song though. Is it you suck, Palmer is simply irresistable. The only other artists I've heard of in that list are dishwalla, everclear and train.

    22 juin 2006, 4h30m
  • MissMaryMac

    There are a few australian artists on there that might make it a bit difficult for non australians

    22 juin 2006, 4h49m
  • PetterC

    #1 = Everclear - unemployed boyfriend. Great song.

    22 juin 2006, 13h44m
  • marco78train

    2 Dishwalla - Counting blue cars 7 Train - Something more

    22 juin 2006, 17h57m
  • jadedingenue

    10. Merril Bainbridge Under The Water

    5 oct. 2006, 6h49m
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