• Impression of HIM@Paradiso, Amsterdam 28-2-08

    13 mars 2008, 11h37m

    Thu 28 Feb – HIM

    If you’re used to go to heavy concerts, I tell you, going to see HIM is a total different experience. Already before the support act started, girls where jampacked in front of the crush-barriered stage waiting patiently for the big Vile (its anyway quit unusual for Paradiso to use barriers, saw it only two times before).

    Unusual as well was their support act. Actually, a band like Paradise Lost you cannot call a support act. They’ve been around for 20 years now and are one of the founding fathers of . It was sad to see that a band of this calibre was granted only a tiny little piece of the stage, the rest had been blocked off for the main act. Although lead singer Nick Holmes was kind of cynical, the rest of the band tried to make the best out of it and they rocked. I only was dissapointed that they didn’t play any of their iconalbum Icon.

    Later, almost everybody in the audience got excited to see the main act, including me. After all HIM, or better Vile Valo, is been so idolised that it is interesting to see how it will be (in real) live. When the man finally came on stage a cacophony of screaming girls filled the hall. I was happy I brought my earplugs.

    They started off with big hits like Wing Of A Butterfly, Poison Girl, Buried Alive by Love and Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game and some new stuff like Kiss Of Dawn. The whole setlist was a nice anthology of all their albums with exception of the Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights album. However i thought that the quality of their perfomance wasn't that good. During the concert, Vile got more drunk, his voice got less powerful and in the end he could hardly speak! Also the sound was kind of bad, specially comparing to Paradise Lost. It was too loud and distorting. Only a few bands in the world can play very loud and still sound great, but surely HIM isn't one of them. They did, though, play for a decent time (approx. 2 hours), so for that you got your money worth. For the encore we were treated with the smashhits Sacrament and Funeral of Hearts. But it was more the crowd singing than Vile, who had to lean on his micstand, receiving underwear.