• March 29th 2007 - Battle Of The Bands

    30 mars 2007, 1h14m

    Thu 29 Mar – Battle Of The Bands
    March 29th 2007 –Battle Of The Bands
    Farnborough, Surrey, UK
    Tom Taylor – Vocals
    Steve Smith – Guitar
    Craig Bradford – Bass
    Graeme Bradford – Drums

    Ignorance (Taylor/Smith/C.Bradford/G.Bradford) 3:40
    Another Life (Taylor/Smith) 5:00

    Length Of Gig: 8:40

    Attendance: 48
    According to a lot of people who were watching us play we did really good. This was basically our first proper live gig, as part of Farnborough College Of Technology’s Battle Of The Bands.

    From my point of view we played pretty well, although the majority of it is now a blur. I could hardly hear Craig, even though he was right next to me…but Steve and Graeme were easy to hear. I could barley hear myself.

    Good news: No-one broke a string…awesome. My one gripe is that I was told not to take the Microphone of the Mic stand which I’m pretty sure made us lose marks for the stage presence section. There were wires fucking everywhere too.

    Graeme was on fire on the old drums, possibly his best performance of the songs yet. Craig remembered how Ignorance went, ha-ha, which was good too. Steve, as per usual, was the one with probably the best idea of how the songs went, hehe.

    I didn’t forget any lyrics which was good and got told by a few people that I did a good job on the microphone. Even Michael Barton gave us praise, which really says something.

    Overall, I was surprised with how we did seeing as hot it was our first gig, but I believe we can improve in some areas (banter is still lacking, more moving around)
  • Another Life - Another Life. Week 1, Day 1: 17/11/06

    17 nov. 2006, 5h39m

    I gues I'll start giving day to day (or maybe bi-daily, weekly etc.) updates on what's happening in our world. We have been looking for gigs as you all know (it's well documented, honestly) and we've also been looking for a place to record a Demo/EP/Album/EP/Album.

    Well Y'all know of the songs 'King Of Dread', 'On The Hunt', 'No Mans Land' and 'Another Life' and I've breifly touched on the newer breed of Another Life songs but I'll go into more detail on them in this post. Ready? Ok here goes.

    Falling Down (Another Life) 4:06 (Demo Length)
    This is the song about our former guitarist. It's probably the heavyiest thing we've written and it also contains the most riffs of any Another Life song (their's somwhere in the region of 6 different riffs). The lyrics are simple enough I guess, but they do deal with our former members attitude towards being in a band which to say was beyond poor.

    The song is our first foray into writing a song with just one guitarist. Steve does an excellent job, but Craig is the real reason this works as well as it does. He recently got a wah-wah pedal and distortion pedal for his bass and it sounds really fucking cool on this song. It really is a much needed backbone, in the respect that it provides the rhythm and partners the drums as always but give an extra added punch of heaviness that goes some way into making up for the lack of guitar.

    Graeme, is another aspect. This could be his best drumming on an Another Life recording yet (It's battling it out with 'Another Life' at the moment). He keeps the song together extremley well and adds his own little flares here and there and different points. It sounds good, it feels good. This song shows where our heads are at in Late 2006 and possibly into 2007 as well.

    We're and by this I do mean all of us are expanding our influences big time. I've always been a huge Thrash Metal fan but normally only incoporated a Metallica influence into my writings (at leats Metal writings) I have expanded this. I now have bought in inspiration from Testament, Pantera, Sepultura and Anthrax. It adds some depth in that department. I have also bought in some elements of Classic rock bands such as Black Sabbath.

    As for the rest of the band they've always been a fan of the mainstream side of 80's Metal and 70's classic rock. But they've expanded their inspiration spheres as well. Bringing in elements of, alongside Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Skid Row. And my Thrash elements have seeped through with a Metallica influence looming large over 'Falling Down'.

    A New Beggining (Another Life) 3:35 (Demo Length)
    This is in it's very primitive stages. Let me tell you a little bit about how Another Life Mark II goes about the process of writing songs.

    A new song normally starts off with lyrics (primarily offered by me or Steve) Steve comes up with some riffs to go along with the song. Then the lyrics go through a revision. Some words are taken off to fit, entire lines are changed etc. Until we have an almost completed songs. Next practice me and Steve will play the song through a couple of times for the other two. They then add on their parts and BOOM! a song is complete.

    So far this song has just completed the riffage, editing stage. Saturday is when we play it through for the other two. So look forward to seeing this song on MySpace probably on the 25th of November or the 2nd of December.

    Falling Down should appear on the 18th or 19th. It's been a fucking blast, see ya soon.

    - Tom
  • Another Life Mark II

    14 nov. 2006, 17h09m

    So a lot's happened in the last few months and I'm gonna try and recap it for y'all today. I'll start in September which was the last time I had the glory of Internet Acess.

    September 2006

    Also Known As: The Month Of Gigs

    In was in September that we started the arduos process of securing a gig. A proper gig this time as well not just a Shindig or party of some kind. Luck seemed to be very much on our side. Craig was at work one day when one of his colleagues asked him if he was in a band. Craig said that yes he was and his colleague said he was organising a gig. It should as of now be taking place towards the end of the year.

    Steve also brought tidings of gigdom. He goes to college at Farnborough Tech and some classmates were trying to secure a gig at some point, I believe, next year. He also informed us that an old friend of ours Tom Morris was organising a Charity gig in Guildford.

    Their was also the good news that Underdogzine were apparently back after a short absence and were resuming the practice of organising gigs. We shot them a message and they said they'd try and place us on a few upcoming gigs. Alright.

    October 2006

    Also Known As: The Month Of Leavings

    All was going well, we were riding the euphoric wave as it were. Until Mid-October when Robin, henceforth known as cock, quit the band. It seems Cock was just that. Apart from his gripes with Criag getting a distortion pedal and us not being able to write a song in 3 minutes it also turned out he had a stupefingly short temper. Good riddance assface.

    Needless to say, the band were ecstatic at the depature of Cock. We immideatly started looking for a replacement, Daniel Francis has been kicked around a few times.

    November 2006

    Also Known As: The Month Of Quality Control

    You know the best thing about Cock leaving? We all get to have a hand in songwriting that has led to the creation of the following songs:

    A New Begginning (Another Life)

    The first new song, only in demo form at the moment, is a introspective rocker, about how this is a new start for the band and how we can now look forward to a positivley charged future.

    Falling Down (Another Life)

    The heaviest song Another Life has ever written. This has some awesome fucking riffage in it. It's a nice headbanging, mosh inducing motherfucker all right. It's about Robin leaving. It was written lyrically the same day.

    Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night (Another Life, Francis)

    Dan gets a credit for inspiration. This song comes from Amedus, and is about Daniel having a premonition of someone's death. A Premonition that later came true.

    Their are 3 new songs, and we have around 3-4 in the formal idea stages. Good fucking times.