• Les Stroud

    11 fév. 2009, 2h50m

    Les Stroud's Blues Don't Bring Me Comfort is the most amazing song that you have been blissfully unaware of all your life.

    Listen to it.
  • Favourite/Least Favourite of 2008

    30 déc. 2008, 22h45m

    The following are my favourite and least favourite of 2008. If you disagree with something on the list, it's really not the end of the world. I really don't need angry comments cuz someone can't deal with an opinion and has a mental breakdown cuz I hated some CD you loved or whatever.

    Least Favourite CDs and Singles of 2008

    Madonna - Hard Candy - Maybe if Confessions on a Dance Floor had never been released and become one of my favourite albums ever, I could have enjoyed this CD more. However, Hard Candy failed to pull me in. It had about four good tracks, but the rest just fell flat.

    ayumi hamasaki - GUILTY - Guilty of being a borefest.

    Foxxi misQ - Say you luv me ~魔法のコトバ~ - This is seriously one of the most boring songs of the entire year. What was this track and why didn't they make TAKE CONTROL the A-Side?

    ayumi hamasaki - Life - There was literally nothing remarkable about this track, except for how mundane it was from start to finish.

    Koda Kumi - MOON - This single from Koda was boring in every sense of the word. Moon Crying was terrible, that Fergie song...what was that? Once Again was instantly forgettable, and while Lady Go! was my favourite off the single, it didn't save the other three tracks.

    Namie Amuro - ROCK STEADY - This song came off more as a mismatched mess than an actual 70s sounding song.

    Ami Suzuki - DOLCE - What a borefest. How can you start off with FREE FREE and even let RAM RIDER let you use his two best songs on the album and still have it be so flippin' dull?

    Favourite Singles of 2008

    GACKT - Jesus - Gackt is one of those guys i really dug when I was thirteen. I lost interest in him after a while, but for some reason every time he releases a single, I fall in love with it. While Jesus isn't as good as RETURNER, it's just so fucking catchy that I loved it.

    Lady Gaga - Just Dance - You can just listen to it over and over and over again...It's such a well put together song.

    Namie Amuro - WHAT A FEELING - NEW LOOK was a fun song, ROCK STEADY blew dick, but WHAT A FEELING actually felt like it was from the proper decade. This is probably my favourite song from her this year.

    Perfume - マカロニ - For some reason Baby Cruising Love got a lot more attention than マカロニ, which confuses me. I wasn't a huge fan of Baby Cruising Love, but マカロニ is a down-tempo electro pop ballad really hit the mark for one of my favourites of the year. Also, it's one of the only videos we don't have to watch their absolutely terrible dancing.

    Utada Hikaru - Heart Station - First listen, the song is a complete borefest, but on repeated listenings, it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Vannessa Hudgens - Sneakernight - i know it's terrible. You know it's terrible. But fuck all of you, because it is so fucking catchy and awesome.

    Oasis - I'm Outta Time - Never would i have thought Liam Gallagher could write such a beautiful song, but he did. This song is absolutely beautiful, and well written, and he looks really really hot in the video.

    Capsule - JUMPER - Seven minutes of the second most orgasmic sounding electronic song to be released this year.

    All Time Favourite Single of 2008

    Ami Suzuki - FREE FREE - Why wasn't DOLCE more like this? FREE FREE is the my favourite single of the year, and my favourite electronic song of the year. I had it on repeat constantly, and I absolutely loved the video for it as well. Nakata really hit something on the head with this song.

    Favourite Mini CD of 2008


    Favourite CDs of 2008

    Britney Spears - Circus - Is it as good as Blackout? No. But Circus plays smoothly from start to finish, and has great replay value.

    Lady Gaga - The Fame - GaGa is amazing. I respect her for having class when others didn't (looking at you, Aguilera), and for having control over her music. This album is fantastic electro-pop, and her vocals are not worked over to become part of the song - they stand out all on their own.

    The Last Shadow Puppets - self titled - The melodies on this CD work perfectly with the great lyrics. For a side project, I was really impressed.

    Meg - Psychodelice - Italian Meg's second CD is a strange blend of electro pop with hints of rock thrown in. I don't think I've heard a CD sound like this yet. She crafted her own sound with this album and it was easily one of the of 2008 because of it.

    Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul - The heavily influenced Beatles album sounds unlike any of their other albums, but I enjoyed it. It's another solid album from them.

    Perfume - Game - A really well polished and well put together electronic CD for the girls. There were only one or two tracks that delved into too "cutesy" for me, but with gems like Butterfly, and my favourite song ever ポリリズム, I fell in love.

    Utada Hikaru - HEART STATION - Utada continues being the only artist I listen to that has yet to release a CD I do not fall in love with.

    All Time Favourite CD of 2008

    Koda Kumi - Kingdom - Koda releases what has to be one of the most well put together and polished sounding japanese pop CDs I've heard since Hamasaki's (miss)understood.

    Favourite Artist of 2008

    Yasutaka Nakata is on fire. I got into him middle of last year, but this year I reached a fever pitch of worshipping him. Between capsule, MEG, Ami Suzuki, Perfume and other people I am most likely forgetting, he crafts the best electronic music I've heard, and his early lounge music with capsule shows that is not the only genre he can do. While he doesn't hit the mark every time (MEG'S STEP and capsule's MORE! MORE! MORE! were not as great as I were hoping), he steadily puts out fantastic sounding music.

    Are some people sick of him? Yes. am I? No. I want more of his work and for someone to feed him cuz he constantly looks malnourished.
  • stupid meme thing.

    5 déc. 2008, 18h36m

    Put your music player on random, and create a poem from the first lines of the first twenty songs that come up. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

    if i get a non-english track i'm skipping it cuz i really don't feel like trying to find the lyrics to that shit and put them down SRY GUYS.

    Imagine Having Everything We Ever Dreamed

    what would i do, lonely as you
    look in the mirror, behind the makeup
    it's over, you're sober
    it's our last chance to share the stage

    the doctor released me, a case of underjoy
    she smells like 2am
    past the point of no return, no backward glances
    you tell me you don't love me over a cup of coffee

    come, come, come into my world
    lovers in the backseat
    there's a river of tears i need to cry
    i feel helpless, waiting

    look at me
    the boys are back
    love is blind as far as the eye can see
    nothing's gonna harm you, not while i'm around

    not feeling, not nothing
    i believe in my baby
    i could be your sweet baby
    the smell of your skin lingers on me now.

    this is like a seriously disturbed love poem.
  • Oasis's new album

    8 jui. 2008, 0h20m

    I am really, really fucking excited for Oasis and their new album. Cuz it's gonna be epic.

    That is all.
  • My Favourite/Least Favourite of the Year (2007)

    31 déc. 2007, 18h08m

    I have to say favourite/least favourite, because if i bring "the best/worst" into this post, i'll get comments from crazed fans thinking I'm insulting some band they like. And i've had my crazy cap for the year, thank you.

    So consider this just what I enjoyed the most - and didn't enjoy at all - this year. I'm too lazy to do reasons for each thing I chose - it takes too long. So if my opinion really matters that much to you, ask.

    The following lists are in no real order.

    Favourite Singles of the Year
    - I Love U
    - Kiss & Cry
    Beautiful World
    Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) -2007 MIX-
    - The Way I Are
    - Libra
    - Gimme More
    - BUT
    - Let's move it
    - RETURNER~闇の終焉~
    - Sugarless GiRL
    - Glitter
    - Talkin' 2 Myself

    All Time Favourite Single of the Year
    - ポリリズム

    Favourite CDs of the Year
    - Sugarless GiRL
    - Blackout
    - Favourite Worst Nightmare
    - PLAY

    All Time Favourite CD of the Year
    - Kala
    M.I.A. didn't fall into the sophomore slump with this album - the way she explored new sounds, and threw together all sorts of crazy ideas made this album a gem. Almost every single track on this CD is incredible, catchy, and also extremely personal. I love this CD - probably one of the best ones i've heard in years, and is by far my favourite CD of 2007.

    Least Favourite CDs of the Year
    - LOVE PiECE
    - Funeral for Yesterday
    Go back to the screaming and growling again, please.
    - My December
    - capsule rmx
    Dragging out a song from six minutes to eight minutes doesn't count as a remix. Adding an extra loop to the background isn't a remix.
    - Kou Shibasaki - 嬉々♥

    New Artists I Discovered This Year
    - Anita Mui
    - Arctic Monkeys
    - The Bravery
    - Capsule
    - Jay Chou
    - m-flo
    - My Little Airport
    - Perfume
    - She Wants Revenge
    - Tila Tequila
    - Mika Nakashima

    Artists I Wish I Didn't Know Existed But My Close Friends Happen to Love Them
    - AKB48
    - News

    My Favourite Artist of the Year
    - Koda Kumi
    In my opinion, every single release this year from her was solid. She put out amazing singles this year, and never once released something I hated. She's my favourite artist this year, and i have high hopes for her new CD.
  • First to 1,000

    3 déc. 2007, 17h21m

    ayumi hamasaki is my first artist to hit 1,000 plays. For those of you who have watched my charts at all, you know that Oasis and ayumi hamasaki have been battling to number one, almost switching spots weekly.

    I find that really funny because they are both so different. Oasis is loud, snobby, genius, british rock music, while ayumi hamasaki is one of the most successful japanese pop stars ever. Polar opposites, but I love them both.

    Although I bet Liam Gallagher wpuld be like, "What the fook? Who the fook is beating us gjlfjlgjlgj?" or something else incredibly insane that you'd have to focus on understanding.

    Which is fine with me because I lurve him.
  • The japanese music community

    2 nov. 2007, 21h14m

    Dear japanese music community,

    Shut up.

    I hate to put things so bluntly, but honestly - shut up. As a listener of japanese music since I was nine years old, I went from seeing it being impossible to find a japanese artist's music to purchase, to it being leaked almost a month in advance online, and even ready to pre-order. With the popularity of japanese music rising more and more each year, in came crowds and crowds of total idiots.

    I am not sure why everyone who listens to japanese music constantly needs to fight among each other for who is better. Debates such as Utada Hikaru vs. ayumi hamasaki are one of the most tiresome conversations to sit through - unless someone dares to bring Koda Kumi into the fray.

    Quit fighting.
    Here is a novel concept -
    Shut the fuck up and listen to the music you like.
    I successfully distanced myself from the 98% percent of you who listen to japanese music because it's oh my god kawaii ^_^! or you heard it on Inuyasha or whatever the hell - but getting a account made me be tossed back into the community that made me want to eat my head.

    The shoutboxes on here are nothing but fighting, either about sales, who is selling better than who, who is a whore, who isn't a whore, and who has plastic surgery done. There is also another disgusting element - blind loyalty. Your favourite japanese artist could release a single that is so completely crap - the video could be a peice of shit on camera for 5 minutes - and these blind followers would still declare it is the "best ever".

    Just because another fan says that their newest single is not their best does not mean they are any less of a fan than you are. Think realistically for once in your damn lives.

    I will have been listening to japanese music for almost ten years come next March. I've seen it go from nothing, to something almost mainstream - you can buy m-flo CDs on itunes now! And yet all you people do is bounce in here with your ^_^ faces and your kawaii~~~ icons, and your typos from hell, and make everyone look stupid.

    Japanese music will never be seen than anything else other than anime music if you people don't stop acting like morons, and stop fighting over stupid shit.

    I know people who have listened to the genre as long as I have will understand where I'm coming from.

    Really, all I am asking is to stop your stupid fighting, just listen to the music you love, and shut up.

    your best friend
  • A year of

    28 oct. 2007, 1h25m

    I've been on for a year now, with around 14,728 scrobbles. I'm going to write down my top ten artists, and top ten songs, and then I'll be able to see if my tastes change a lot next October.

    Top 10 Artists As Of October 2007
    01. ayumi hamasaki
    02. Oasis
    03. M.I.A.
    04. Koda Kumi
    05. m-flo
    06. Utada Hikaru
    07. Perfume
    08. Namie Amuro
    09. Arctic Monkeys
    10. Capsule

    Top 10 Songs As Of October 2007
    01. ポリリズム
    02. Boyz
    03. Hussel
    04. Gimme More
    05. Bird Flu
    06. wonder2
    07. The River Of Three Crossings
    08. A Song for Kids
    09. BUT
    10. Jimmy
  • I hate

    26 oct. 2007, 2h45m

    how if an artist is japanese, they get stuck with the anime tag. Oh man, it makes me want to hurt people viciously.
  • M.I.A.

    20 août 2007, 22h44m

    M.I.A. is incredible.
    Enough said.