The "Music of my Life" meme


22 juin 2008, 22h57m

Well, I've seen this done so many times and its kinda fun.
Sure, still kinda senseless but oh well!

But a little change of plan, i'm not using my WHOLE library of songs.
With currently over 60000 songs in there and lots of that stuff tagged badly
I decided to use another playlist of roughly 12000 songs with some common albums in it.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc.).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button.

LOL, nice high-energy and heavy rockish opening. Seems to turn out to be an interesting life! ;D

Waking up: 中島みゆき - 傾斜 (Miyuki Nakajima - keisha [Inclination])
Mhhh, thats actually a nice song to wake up to. Slightly enkaish but her voice is fine.

An ordinary day: 杏子 - 幕末wasshoi (Kyoko - bakumatsu wasshoi [The end of shogunate wasshoi])
Interesting music for an ordinary day. Well, the song is pretty cool and I like Kyoko's rough singing. Why not!

Hanging out with friends: 柴田淳 - ふたり (Jun Shibata - Futar [Two])
Well, even I got more than two friends to hang out with! Also kinda boring song somehow but oh well, could be worse.

A crush: Valentine - Feel So Bad
Oh wow. That actually isn't that bad, kinda sad lovesong so it somehow fits nicely! Love her voice anyway. <3

First date: MUNEHIRO - フタリノウタ (futarinouta)
Mh, i failed to translate what the title is but she sings the words "Love" and stuff quite a lot of times!
Kinda slow and nice Reggaeish song. Sure, fine with me. :>

First kiss: Leyona - PUZZLE
Mh. Well uh, no.

Falling in love: ave;new - snow again -heavenly-
Ugh... crappy! Don't fail me now you funny little meme. Thats a bad song kinda. :[

Misunderstanding: カノン - こころ [album mix] (KANON - kokoro [Mind])
Nice song... but mh, not too sure if it fits the mood. Too calm!

Fight scene: Lostprophets - A Thousand Apologies
NO APOLOGIES FOR MY ENEMIES! Heh, well, thats not too bad for a fight scene.
Rockish and all, sure, Lostprophets are always fine for something like that. :>

Breaking up: Amy Macdonald - This is the Life
Awesome. Thats a great one! :O Not exactly THAT nice for the occasion but almost...

Deep thought: Jade Valerie - Empty Pages
Haha... well, thats a nice one. My deep thoughts are empty pages!

Getting back together: PUSHIM - らくだ~歌の歌~ (rakuda ~uta no uta~ [Camel ~song of song~]
Uhm... well... not really. I could imagine better songs for this than some reggae again.
But oh well, i shall not doubt the mighty shuffle meme!

Life's okay: Zwei - DENNY
A little bit rockish for "life's okay" but its a great song so sure, count me in! :D

Phonecall at night: 石野卓球 - NU (Takkyu Ishino - NU)
Helloooooooo, the 90's called! They want their Techno back! Heh, well, that would be a strange phonecall.

Mental breakdown: スガシカオ - クライマックス (Suga Shikao - Climax)
lol.. mh. His voice and singing could some sure give a mental breakdown! ;O

Driving: Younha - もっとふたりで (motto futari de [More by two])
Well, that sure is a song for a slower cruise. I like to drive fast and that is somehow the wrong kind of music for that. ;)

Learning a lesson: Kate Havnevik - Suckerlove
Heh, nice. What lesson would that be? That love sucks? ;O
Good song tho - fits nicely. :>

Flashback: Aco - 00000
Wow, eerie flashback that would be! :O
But I can imagine ACO's music nicely for something like that, song is pretty cool.

Lol wth... first, whats with all that Reggae/Dancehall? Thats a 12000 song playlist! Way too much of this so far. :S
And on the other hand, that sure is a strange song for secret love. :E

Partying: Lia - STARDUST (qurter & DJ CHAMP MIX)
Awesome. High-Energy Trance/Electro, why not, party hard!

Everybody dance now: RMB - Everything (Groove Version)
Not exactly the most danceable song in my playlist but it sure gains some energy to the end.
Would look kinda strange to dance to this but, get your groove on!

Flirting: Dakota Star - Stay feat. Glen Scott
Nice. Dakota Star has a bunch of such songs and this fits actually perfect. :O

Sex scene: Lostprophets - For Sure
Uh... heh. Nononono. :S Not a good song to have sex while its playing. :E

Regretting: MINMI - 四季ノ唄 (shiki no uta [Four seasons Song]
So what exactly would I regret with such a song? Wasting for seasons? Uh... mh. I don't know the lyrics tho. :/

Long night alone: 宇徳敬子 - True Kiss (Keiko Utoku)
Bleh... nah, just bleh.

An accident: as - 遠くまで (tooku made [Far..?!])
What kind of accident would that be? Feels kinda wrong tho I dont know the lyrics. :S

Death scene: Miz - Amazing
LOL, wtf? :D Man, I'll have an AMAZING death. <3

Funeral song: BONNIE PINK - 過去と現実 (kako to genjitsu [Past and the reality])
The title sure is fine but I could imagine better songs for my funeral. Still, not bad and the song feels kinda sad.

End credits: Syrup16g - サイケデリック後遺症 (Psychedelic Kouishou [Psychedelic Aftereffects])
LOL yeah that life sure would leave psychedelic aftereffects. :>
But yeah, nice moody credits song, I approve!

Thats it, sure an interesting ride. Could have some more fun songs for some stuff but oh well, I might redo it later but thats how it stands currently. :Y


  • deuxdoom

    yeah !!!! i agree with you MellowB ! ^^

    25 jui. 2008, 3h19m
  • namidaslave

    hihi, das ist cool. Ich klau mir das mal :o)

    31 jui. 2008, 17h34m
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