REVIEW: Peaking Lights - 936


25 fév. 2011, 10h59m

my first post for the Sonic Routher blog, a review of Peaking Lights 936.

Eagle Rock, LA based label Not Not Fun has been producing the goods for well over a year now with nary a single mistep in its release schedule. Run by Britt and Amanda Brown NNF has been a focal point for heavy lidded lowest-of-the-lo-fi straight to tape bejewelled, silk-screened rumbling and mumblings since 2004, but in the last couple of years has been ramping its output up into the stars with an accelerating trajectory of future household names that has included Abe Vigoda, Ducktails, High Wolf, Matrix Metals, Sun Araw, Dylan Ettinger, Magic Lantern and of course, a lotta Pocahaunted. Now they have released the second full length 12” from Peaking Lights, the similarly wedded couple Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis (formerly of the propulsive angular guitar band Numbers). 936 is a release set to blaze this band's name into the firmament.

After a couple of splits they released their first full album Imaginary Falcons in 2009 through both Night People and Not Not Fun to some seriously wowed acclaim. In 2010 they released a split with Wet Hair on NNF's Bored Fortress 7” series and then the Space Primitive cassette on Night People and again on 12” through NNF. All releases so far have involved fantastically spun out psychedelic embraces of themes woven them through spatial enhancers, psychotropic distorters, emotional compression, circuit bent trinkets and charmingly weathered keyboards from within the realms of the junk-rock circuit, yet none have quite hinted at the full potential realised in this.


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