12 avr. 2011, 21h38m

(In advance, sorry for any mistakes, sometimes I don't know if a song which I like really is a cover; or maybe my idea of who did the original version is incorrect and it is secretly a cover of a cover of a cover (LeInception!)..;'o)

[63 plays] Zauberstab - what a fun cover, and I actually like the fact, that it wasn't Dero who came up with those lyrics :D [original by Zaza]
[45 plays] Rock Me Amadeus - it has teh power B) [original by Falco]
[40 plays] Eden - so very beautiful, better than the original in my ears [original by Hooverphonic]
[36 plays] Walked in Line - kinda hooked - [original by Warsaw]
[35 plays] El Tango De Roxanne - powerful! [original by The Police]
[35 plays] Cry Me a River - :'D [original by Justin Timberleake]
[35 plays] Temptation - actually, never heard the original. people flame about this song, but dur, it's fun and catchy - [original by Heaven 17]
[33 plays] the passion of lovers - these dudes are cool! ;OO [original by Bauhaus]
[33 plays] My Number One - :'DD [original by Helena Paparizou] damn I lol out when pop songs go heavy or black m parody.
[31 play] Forever ho ho ho, [original by Edvard Grieg.. no, just kidding, actually it's just a melody sample from Solveig's Song :D
[28 plays] (I Just) Died In Your Arms - noo, I believe I listened to this a lot not knowing it was a cover! [original by Cutting Crew]
[28 plays] Spaceman - pew pew space metal - [original by Babylon Zoo
[28 plays] I'll See You in My Dreams - ohhh this is the situation I described of a cover of a cover of a cover of a .... actually, I've just found out, that [the original is by Isham Jones, written in 1924! Woah..]
[28 plays] Jingle Bells - :D original by, well... actually, it is by James Lord Pierpont, written in 1857 :O
[28 plays] Sabre Dance .. [original by Արամ Խաչատրյան whoa the font!
[26 plays] Storm .. [original by Antonio Vivaldi]
[26 plays] Schrei nach Liebe - quite similar [original by Die Ärzte], however, heard DTH first ;o
[26 plays] Chasing Cars .. way more suitable for me than the original [Snow Patrol], I praise all these funny rock and roll covers \o/
[25 plays] Dirt - really hot B) [original by The Stooges]
[25 plays] Schtiel .. took me LIKE SOME YEARS to realize it is actually Russian, not German or some .. random language. Yeah. [original by Ария]
[25 plays] Love Will Tear Us Apart awwww dawwwww so lovely, [original by Joy Division]
[24 plays] Phantom of the Opera .. original by.. ah hell, you know the musical!
[24 plays] Twist in My Sobriety ... emm, [original by Tanita Tikaram] .. somehow never heard of it, I should probably check it out.. :'D the metal version is really catchy and cool.
[24 plays]
Umbrella - yay! [original is by Rihanna, yeah.. xD]
+Gregorian covers!


  • sazed00

    haha you're funnyyy

    4 nov. 2011, 16h52m
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