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10 oct. 2006, 17h37m

I'm still trying to find/figure out the correct lyrics to Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto mix). I might have gotten closer than last time by listening VERY closly to the song a whole bunch of times... It's good that it's not a song you get bored of easily.

Anyway, this is what I think she's singing:
"'cos it's easier to drown...
Than to face the way I fear sincerity.
And the truth comes back around...
In the air tonight, for me.
'cos it's easier to draught...
in the air tonight for me."

I guess this might have been easier if english had been my native language... So people help me out here, if you have the song available to you check yourself and put your version in the comments. AND remember that it's DJ Tiestos Mix I need the lyrics to and that they're not the same as the original version.

To make sure that as many people as possible will be able to see this journal I'll add a separate tag for Paul Oakenfold too.


  • MaxRaine

    The comment made by Ginxed here is a perfect example of what I'm not searching for. What he posted are the lyrics for Oakenfolds original version. Those lyrics are available on almost every lyrics site on the net. The problem is that on all those sites that have the supposed lyrics for Tiëstos Mix have the same lyrics for both songs. And if you listen to Southern Sun (Dj Tiësto Mix) you will, without a doubt, hear that it's not the same. So... no more copy/paste from lyrics sites now =P I know it's odd that the lyrics are different when it's just a mix but in this case they are. Also simply reading my journal should make it clear that this was the wrong lyrics... I wouldn't mishear Than to face another night Of southern sun and get Than to face the way I fear sincerity....

    17 oct. 2006, 9h28m
  • MaxRaine

    ... that in the last journal I posted about this the only one who answered turned out to have gotten banned when I tried to check who it was... and now the only one who answers becomes a deleted user. Perhaps I should stop making journals here or might run out of users xD

    19 oct. 2006, 23h59m
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