When heavy bands go arty


20 mars 2007, 9h14m

Some might argue that bands I will name have gone pop not arty, but I beg to differ Metallica has gone pop with its black album these bands have not done so, although there similarities between going pop and art. Here are some:

-better prodcution

hmmm that's the only one I can think of...
Anyway I find that when heavy bands go arty they produce some of the best albums, or rather albums I like the most. Sometimes these albums are criticized as not being focused because they try to walk the fine line between heavy and arty. I end up liking them more then some more focused albums that try to do the same.

Some of examples of such albums (i am not going to comment on every album)

Vheissu - I think thrice finally find their voice here, the pinnacle of the album imo is The Earth Will Shake.

White Pony

The Satellite Years Now this is a sad story for me, this is one of the best hardcore albums it managed to be arty without losing much edge, maybe even having more of an edge. This album was produced by Matt Tablot of Hum and Centaur and it shows. Matt has a real talent for layering guitars. Sadly the integral members of this band left after this album, Hopesfall may still be a good band but it will never be the one it was on Satellites.

The Shape of Punk to Come - Best hardcore/punk album, with numnerous classic songs such as Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine and The Deadly Rythm. Also one producing the most beautiful, yes beautiful, punk/hardcore song Tannhäuser / Derivè


hmm there are a few more but these come to mind now.

I haven't mentioned Tool cause they haven't gone arty...they've always been arty
The band that does desrve a mention is The Gathering which have gone from doom metal to some sort of semi-prog-rock thing, and are now excellent band, constantly putting out great material. Strangely as they started as a metal band they are only listened to by open-minded metalhads.


  • nighthunta

    [[Anathema]] are also a good example, imho, shifting away of their doom-death roots and going in a different, experimental direction. nice journal entry, I'm definitely gotta check out some bands - first being the Gathering.

    20 mars 2007, 19h13m
  • MetalPriest

    Nice to see The Gathering mentioned, definitely one of my favorite bands.

    29 mars 2007, 4h31m
  • Impreza22B

    The Gathering is a great band. Tool and Deftones are one of my favorites, as well.

    30 mars 2007, 21h27m
  • aadramak


    8 mai 2008, 18h48m
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