• Exceeded expectations!

    29 juin 2011, 15h56m

    Tue 28 Jun – Panic! At the Disco, fun., Funeral Party

    OK, so I didn’t get to see Funeral Party, but their last two songs sounded good. fun. was fantastic! I had heard their music when I was researching their show and thought they might be decent. They exceeded expectations in a big way! They certainly lived up to their name. With songs like the happy, poppy Walking the Dog it is easy to see these guys breaking out soon. But the way the lead singer involved the audience and got us singing along means I will enjoy watching their success over the next few years. All the Pretty Girls was exactly the type of music you want playing as part of your life’s soundtrack so that people will know you were having a good time. This is happy music at its best; put on your dancing shoes. The lead singer’s voice was strong and clear the whole set. It turns out they cut their set two songs short because the singer was sick. They had gotten into Denver the night before and eaten at Casa Bonita. They even told us how amazed they were with the indoor cliff diving (which IS cool, especially the unfortunate teenager that gets stuck in the gorilla suit and has to sell the performance). But if you have ever been there and eaten the food, you are not surprised that 1 out of 6 people got sick immediately after dining. Anyway, Fun. then did some photos and fan work. They are very nice people.

    Panic! at the Disco were even better. I had seen some live footage of them before so I was expecting good vocals, but sound on the TV never truly prepares you for good vocals live! I was shocked that everybody in the place seemed to know ALL of the words to ALL of the songs. At some points the Ogden crowd was so loud singing along that it was a struggle to hear the PA. They played: I write Sins, Not Tragedies; Hurricane; The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage; Nine in the Afternoon; Let’s Kill Tonight; Always; Time To Dance; Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off and the new single The Ballad of Mona Lisa. The first song of the encore was a cover of Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son and they nailed the harmonies! The guitar solos were very well done and exciting. I can’t remember the second song of the encore because I left still singing Tragedies and Carry On. I am sure I missed a few other songs on the set list (can I get some help?).
    All in all it was a great night of exceeded expectations.
  • Disappointed in Janet

    11 avr. 2011, 17h05m

    Wed 6 Apr – Janet Jackson
    The show started 45 minutes late and was only 1 hour 15 min long! And there were 2 long breaks where we were subjected to clips of Janet's acting career or her modeling career. Each break was about 10 min long. I understand that dancers need to catch their breath in Denver's thin air, but NO COSTUME CHANGE! The whole night! Plus she chose to make a medley of some of her songs rather than play them out in their entirety. Then there was a third break with no multimedia display and the encore was only 2 songs for maybe a total of 7 minutes :-( We had the second cheapest tix in the venue and they were $75 each! We paid $150 (without fees) to see a glorified open act! Shame on you Janet, shame!
  • LMAO

    19 avr. 2010, 16h05m

    Fri 16 Apr – Gabriel Iglesias - The Fluffy Shop Tour
    I laughed until it hurt. I did not like all the opening acts, there were 5 I think. I got bored waiting for Gabe. When he did come out, he rocked it! He even ran a little long doing some of the older jokes that people were requesting. The audience was chanting along in-sync with him like an arena rock ballad! And we all still laughed at the punchline. He is so funny! Go see him and buy his stuff!