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    12 nov. 2010, 19h31m

    She Said

    Why don't you take my hand
    And walk this way with me she said

    I'll show you something nice
    Something I'm sure of
    You will like it very well she said

    I'll lead you to this land
    Where we belong to be she said

    We can afford the price
    To take this tour off
    Right in time as time will tell she said

    And we just fell into
    A stream of milk and honey
    But we were not afraid
    To dive into the deep

    The merchants sell a few
    A dream of silk and money
    But they get never paid
    Until we fall asleep

    Why don't we skip this part
    It's useless anyway she said

    We could be running free
    And never look back
    To the yesterdays of pain she said

    The subject turns to art
    So use it every day she said

    Not blind enough to see
    We lay the new track
    For the everlasting train she said

    2008 Mario Strack



    You got a plan
    To screw the world
    By fasten all the goods
    They are about to give away for free

    Nuts and bolts will do the job
    To mount them somewhere out of reach
    Nuts and bolts will do the job
    Communication without speech

    Another plan
    To hose the beast
    And nail it's tail on to
    The bottom of the cage it's living in

    Brads and pins will do the job
    To mount it at a proper place
    Brads and pins will do the job
    Advisable in every case

    2009 Mario Strack



    Slap yourself on the forehead
    Or kick yourself in the ass
    If you haven't been warned yet
    All of your chances may pass

    You should know
    Were ever you go
    It's all about...

    Peep yourself in the mirror
    Look yourself straight in the eye
    It has never been clearer
    Not even you can deny

    All you know
    Were ever you go
    It's all about...

    You, you and yourself
    Nobody else could ever do what you have done
    Done to yourself
    Only yourself
    Nobody else

    Twist yourself into poses
    Proclaim yourself as a star
    In the sweet smell of roses
    Living is better by far

    Now you know
    This is your show
    It's all about...

    2009 Mario Strack



    This one goes out and will be
    Received by no one 'cause the
    Lyrics are about and mean nothing

    These guys they say you got to
    Have to tell the story well such
    Diligence always makes me laughing

    Not a word about environment destruction
    And not a syllable of sharpest contradiction
    No single statement 'bout political corruption
    Not any vocable will mention love or friction

    Simply nothing
    Nothing at all

    This one's on offer but it
    Will be paid by no one because
    Art to the market means nothing

    These guys they show you how to
    Earn a buck for glory well such
    Confidence sometimes keeps me laughing

    This one's related to and
    It applies to no one any
    Weight of the words will move nothing

    These guys they force you to believe
    It's hunky-dory such
    Ambivalence is apt to stop me laughing

    2010 Mario Strack
  • Mario Strack - Songs and Tunes

    29 oct. 2010, 20h29m

    Mario Strack's new album "Songs and Tunes" is out now.
    For a limited time, download a high quality audio-file of the first single "She Said" free of charge at bandcamp - enjoy!
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    4 jui. 2009, 12h51m


    Beat by beat
    And bar by bar
    Chord by chord
    And key by key

    Just a syncopated melody
    Woven in harmony and backed by the rhythm

    Follow the soundtrack
    Trace the notes and take a trip back
    To the songs that have guided you
    From the days of your youth until today

    Hit by a flashback
    Buried deep in your cd-stack
    All the bands that have raddled you
    Heal the scars of your soul now while they play

    2008 Mario Strack



    We got aircraft carriers and battlecruisers
    We got frigates, corvettes too
    We got amphibious little assault ships
    Mighty destroyers are the clue

    We got minesweepers and we got minehunters
    And we got torpedo boats
    We got submarines that enrich the scenes
    Of "naval warfare" whatever it denotes

    But what about disarmament?
    Will you please tell the people where the billions went?
    Hey how about disarmament?
    Is it really true that every cent is spent on death
    Death and destruction

    We got reconnaissance planes and cruise missiles
    We got strategic bombers and jet fighters too
    And we got spy satellites up in the sky
    Watching every breath and every move we do

    Intercontinental ballistic missiles
    Missiles specifically made for ground attack
    Surveillance radar for earlier detection
    While helicopter gunships shoot you in the back

    We got automatic rifles and machine guns
    We got battle tanks and autocannons too
    We got anti-tank rocket launchers
    And bayonets are nothing new

    We got light mortars and towed howitzers
    And anti-aircraft artillery
    Smitten by the charms of modern fireams
    No one seems to disagree

    2007 Mario Strack


    Un Film Francais

    Blazing guns and crashing cars
    Tombstones in the central cemetery
    Rugged heroes shoot phoney preachers and
    Ride into the setting sun

    Close relationships, menage a troir
    Mighty big boss sexy secretary
    Creepy crawling alien creatures
    Running scared means having fun

    Un film francais
    Ein deutscher Film
    An american movie
    Un film francais
    Cinema italiano
    Let's see what's on the screen tonight

    Glamour stars and talented actors
    We decide who's a celebrity
    Rolling out all the red carpets in
    Berlin, venice, cannes and hollywood

    Interview with some smart directors
    Feature film and dokumentary
    Haute couture for sultry starlettes
    You can reach the top and stay for good

    2007 Mario Strack



    Observe the planet
    Observe the oceans
    Observe the land through cut glass eyes
    Observe the cities
    Observe the buildings
    Observe the people in disguise

    And keep them as a
    Photograph, photography photographer
    Photograph, contrast sharpness tint and blur
    Photograph, photography photographer
    Photograph, trigger shutter aperture

    Explore the mammals
    Explore the humans
    Explore the ladys naked skin
    Explore the grimacing
    Explore the faces
    Explore the smile the sneer the grin

    Expose the underdogs
    Expose the privileged
    Expose the richly and the poor
    Expose the powerful
    Expose the helpless
    Expose and focus, click and store

    2006 Mario Strack


    The Songs 3
  • The Songs 3 released...

    11 juin 2009, 12h50m

    With an artist currently writing only about two songs a year waiting for an album can be quite tortuous so Mario Strack decided to release hereafter only EP's.
    Four new songs are offered on The Songs 3 here on as full tracks and in stores now.
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    3 oct. 2007, 17h37m


    Generating a world
    With electronic devices
    Wipe the reality dirt
    Off off the screens

    Virtual dishes
    Flavoured with digital spices
    Turn into a flirt
    With something unseen

    Generating disciples
    For a cyber religion
    A robotic jesus
    Holy silicon brain

    Virtual wishes
    Just release a white pigeon
    Simply to please us
    Inside an electric rain

    2005 Mario Strack


    The Secret Rockstar

    Got a question like:
    Why should one go out and
    Kill somebody or be killed ?

    Search the answer
    There amongst the liars
    They don't mind whose blood is spilled

    Why don't you go and ask
    The secret rockstar
    He will not hesitate to tell you the simple truth
    In his solid state of mental independence
    He's not afraid, he's only singin' the blues

    Got a question like:
    Is there a god above us
    Or what happens when we die ?

    Search the answer
    There amongst the hippokrits
    They don't know, don't even try

    2005 Mario Strack


    Greenhouse in Space

    Breathing in
    What another one exhales
    Drinking someones sweat

    Swimming out
    With the fishes and the whales
    Wonder what they're at

    Rising up
    Where the birds might touch the sun
    Drifting with the tide

    Rooting down
    To where the secret waters run
    Soak them up inside

    All of us we're living
    Inside a greenhouse in space
    Though every rock that we throw
    Ricoches towards our own face
    We sit on top of a mountain
    Towered up from our own sins
    Trying to keep our foolish grins down
    We fall into disgrace

    2004 Mario Strack



    We start as buds
    Inside a twig
    We turn to where we face the light

    Than we develope
    And we unfold
    Rhythm controlled by day and night
    And than we tumble to the ground 'cause we are leaves

    We got no ears
    We got no tongue
    So we don't listen we don't talk

    Sometimes we're thousands
    Upon a tree
    Sometimes we're single on a stalk
    And than we tumble to the ground 'cause we are...

    Leaves are funny, leaves are nice,
    Leaves are pretty green
    Leaves are flat with edges and with points
    Leaves are healthy, leaves are spice,
    Leaves are never mean
    Leaves they give you spinach give you joints
    Sometimes we tumble to the ground because of leaves

    In the beginning
    We're sappy fresh
    But soon we wilt and we decay

    We change our colour
    From green to brown
    Shook of the trees and blown away
    At least we crumble into soil 'cause we're just leaves

    2004 Mario Strack


    The Band

    Somewhere on a fancy party
    Someone's kickin' ass
    Sniffin' lots of funny powders
    leavin' quite a mess
    Meanwhile, meanwhile the band plays rock 'n' roll

    There's a way out of this time
    For just the two of us in love
    Your hands in my hands
    We can reach the entrance

    Somewhere on a lonely highway
    Someone drives a car
    Tries to flee his ol' life
    Will not get him far

    Somewhere in the heart of nature
    Someone's pumpin' oil
    Poisoning the water
    Poisoning the soil

    Somewhere in a foreign country
    Someone takes a gun
    Points it right against his brother
    That's what ends all fun

    Somewhere at an ivorytower
    Someone writes a song
    Putting in some real emotions
    Make the words come strong

    2003 Mario Strack


    The Beat

    It may be, that you have had a vision
    And it may even be that you believe it's new
    And it may be that you become a politician
    That doesn't necessarily mean that this is true

    Come on and think it over
    Well, you better think twice
    until you realize...

    Once again it is the beat that drives the story
    And once again we're driven into the groove
    I will keep the pace for you so don't you worry
    We'll keep on driving till these demons move...away...

    It may be that you, don't know how to use it
    And it may be that you can't even get your share
    And it may be they are gone to treat you till you loose it
    That doesn't necessarily mean that they don't care

    2003 Mario Strack



    Have you seen ?
    Have you ever seen ?
    Something that blew out all of your notion

    Have you been ?
    Have you ever been ?
    Within something like an electric emotion

    Well, than you might know..

    I have been there once before and
    It was me who was taken by the hand and..
    I have seen this once before and
    It was me who did not understand and..
    We have done this once before and
    Now it´s you, doing it once again to me...

    2002 Mario Strack



    Can you imagine having exotic dinners
    Can you imagine sippin´ Dom Perignon
    And even if you already got that
    You know exactly that this can´t be wrong

    Can you imagine wearing just Armani
    Imagine Lagerfelds expensive smell
    And even if you already got that
    Show all the people that it suits you well because...

    Lifestyle is what we all belong to
    Lifestyle is what we seek
    Lifestyle is that what makes the difference
    Between the boomer and the freak

    Can you imagine a penthouse in Manhattan
    Can you imagine dining at the Ritz
    And even if you already got that
    Tell all the people that you know it fits because...

    Can you imagine driving a Mercedes
    Can you imagine flying only first
    And even if you already got that
    You know exactly what these things are worth because...

    2001 Mario Strack


    We're In

    We are the soldiers of the market
    Wearing businessuniform
    Raise the profit is our target
    Selling weappons, drugs and porn

    We jet from Frankfurt up to Wallstreet
    We stick in each and every deal
    Don´t you ask for responsibility
    There´s nothing to reveal

    But at the weekend we´re at home
    We kiss our kids goodnight
    We take our pretty wifes and enter pleasuredome
    We feel so high because we earn it
    Until we burn it...

    We are the keepers of the nature
    We´re pricing animals and trees
    If you don´t want to pay for your live
    Leave this planet, if you please

    But at the weekend...

    We are the cracks of inovation
    Lead you to virtuality
    We sell you hazy explanations
    And you turn to pay the fee

    But at the weekend...

    We were the soldiers of the market
    Still wear that same old uniform
    But now it seems like we have
    Sold ourselves...

    2000 Mario Strack



    Society, is not for me
    They say it is a must
    You got to be a part of this
    But I do not agree with this society

    Conspiracy, is not for me
    They say it is a must
    You got to be a part of this
    But I do not agree with this conspiracy

    Aint got no four leaf glover
    No clever strategie
    The rain is pouring down
    The only one you can trust in is me

    ´Cause when the spirit comes
    All changes to dust
    And all the clouds disappear
    Not even heroes stay, they´r not ment to last
    It´s only lovers that are
    Allowed to make there way back home

    Community, is not for me
    They say it is a must
    You got to be a part of this
    But I do not agree with this community

    1999 Mario Strack



    Aesthetics add some meaning to impression
    They´r stored in a subconsciousness like you and I
    me I try to stick them into artworks
    and you may wonder why...

    Aesthetics illustrate the life of humans
    they seek for independence just like you and I
    me I try...

    If you see blue it is not necessarily blue skys
    If you see red, it is not always blood
    Sometimes it´s electronic dye on active screens
    And you may find out what it means
    It´s up to you, aestheticize your mind...

    Aesthetics transform soldiers into heroes
    They think they get there orders just like you and I
    but me I try...

    1998 Mario Strack


    My Woman

    My woman
    She´s nice as I can tell
    My woman
    She leads me out of hell
    She reads the map so well

    She´s coming a long way
    But always the strong way
    And where to go she always knows
    She´s moving the thight way
    But always the right way
    And where to go she really knows

    Way home...
    Straight way home

    1997 Mario Strack


    Get the Groove

    I crossed the oceans
    Full of boredom
    For a little while
    And I received what I deserved

    I read the messages
    But they where changeing
    Just in style
    The lines where straight the news where curved

    And than I step into this place
    I hear some drums I hear some bass
    And then I get into the Groove...

    1996 Mario Strack


    The Dance

    It is the dance
    That makes us all so happy
    It is the dance
    That gives us all the fun
    It is the dance
    That makes our life so pleasent
    It is the dance
    To each and every one

    Because the rhythm of the primitive
    Don´t offers intellectual approache
    It only takes your body and your soul
    So let your heartbeat be the coach

    And (cause) it´s the dance
    Girl it is the dance
    What we got is the dance...

    1995 Mario Strack



    From town to town
    From land to land
    They want to move
    They have to go...

    From continent
    To continent
    They want to move
    They have to go
    And so they fly with airplanes...

    1994 Mario Strack



    Silence is golden, said that man to me
    The war is over, said that man to me

    But I don´t belive him
    I look around and I see
    No I don´t belive him
    I simply disagree, with him

    This world has canyons filled with blood
    And all these fingers point at you
    This world has canyons filled with tears
    And now these eyes they stare at me

    Talking is golden, said that man to me
    The hate is over, said that man to me

    But I don´t belive him...

    This world has deserts made of hearts
    And all these rocks they fall on you
    This world has deserts made of greed
    And now these boots walk over me


    Thinking is golden, said that man to me
    The fear is over, said that man to me

    And now I belive him
    I close my eyes and I see
    Oh yes I belive him
    I simply just agree with him

    This world has mountains build of care
    And now these hands are touching you
    This world has mountains build of love
    And now these lips are kissing me

    1994 Mario Strack


    Dance the Bomb

    Our culture is a simple killing culture
    And our history a history of war

    So we must dance the bomb
    Bounce the bomb
    Drop the bomb on someone elses head

    We have to dance the bomb
    Bounce the bomb
    Drop the bomb ´till everyone is dead

    These are the signs
    The signs of justice
    The signs of freedom
    The signs of peace
    Until we reach that thing called "Endsieg"
    We will continue this...

    1993 Mario Strack


    The Songs

    The Songs 2