You got me shaking to that moan you made last night, Gustaf


22 nov. 2009, 12h02m

High Heels

Well, that‘s what I thought this morning. But unfortunately I woke up in my bed and not in Gustaf‘s. So, what moan?
Was it his satisfied one 'Oh Francfort' during 'Sheepdog'? Or was it Björns euphoric scream in the middle of DWS?

I hope they don‘t moan that on every concert, cause I really had the feeling of an intimate and authentic gig. My first, shame on me! But when I stood there when Carl Norén begun his wonderful play with guitar, harmonica and piano... I knew it was one of the best desiscions of all time to come to the Jahrhunderthalle! The Rumble-Strips, I didn't like the voice of the singer, sorry, made a good job, but why nobody was dancing? We couldn't move fowards, so we talked a bit with fans all around us, what was really nice.
And then when Björn took the last breathe, Gustaf played the first accord, CJ backed the vocals, Sam raised his sticks and Mats fingers played the first tone, my body exploded!
I‘m not a fan of Pogo, I‘m not a fan of clapping hands, I‘m not a fan of boxing to stay in a front row, but I dance, dance, dance...
to the music.

Goodness, do you think I know all the lyrics? Do you think I‘m remembering the tracklist? NO, but I‘ve got this little snapshots, this great moments, this socks of Gustaf, this big fat smile of Sam or this painful face of Björn while singing with all his senses.

So, perfection rhymes with satisfaction, but not for my five ladies! That‘s why we loved the concert:
when I finally arrived at the 2cn row, they changed the stage [thanks!], shout-outs during songs where they aren't previewed, acoustic versions we never heard like this before, intros making our heart stop beating and an individual athmosphere.

Now, you see it was a -ehm- let me say overwhelming concert, does that fit? But I think I MUST describe you my feelings after it.

[ A little note by my brother who was turning around at the end and was hurt by the stick of Sam at the chest: OUCH! ]

I stood there, 5 of this goldglitterpieces in my hair, dazedly. I couldn't move. Where is the music? Everything was so intenese at the concert, you felt every part of you're body moving, closed your eyes... but one moment later you felt nothing except for the crush on Gustaf. And yet? Nothing. A hole. It's not fair. Where is my advocate?

I would have been better not to come. This short hours of adrenalin and endorphin is such a kick... and a fuckin' addiction now!

My only consolation: After the concert we went to the next gasstation to buy something to drink [ Ahhh, the first drop water after a concert on your tongue, PARADISE! ], we met there a few people from the concert ... and what came on the radio? 'Dance with somebody'. Live so much better!

1#Blue Lining White Trenchcoat
2#God Knows
4#You Got Nothing On Me
5#TV And Me
6#Burning Up
8#You Can't Steal My Love
9#The New Boy
10#All My Senses
12#Never Seen The Light Of Day
13#A Decent Life
14#Give Me Fire
15#Down In The Past
16#High Heels
18#Mean Street
19#Long Before Rock And Roll
21#Dance With Somebody
Go Out Tonight

Give Me Fire


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