a campire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river and… acid house adorable track like the sweetest candy that you have ever eaten alternative alternative rock ambient ambient techno art pompier ballad rock beautiful cat power classical clicked with my mood dad rape music deep deep house dream pop drifting in silence drifting without a trace to the further realms while the synthetic form is… drone dub techno electric orgasm electronic electronica electropop epic experimental experimental pop folk glitch glitch lounge glitch piano groovy hidden gems hip-hop hippy hold my hand and pray with me holy fucking shit house how i learned to stop worrying and love postmodernism i want to dance all night i will be one pissed-off ghost if no one plays these songs at my funeral i would rather beat myself to death with a hammer than listen to this idm if this was a pokemon i would catch it impressionist indie pop instrumental its a feeling its everything time kick-ass lo-fi lo-fi pop m83 masterpiece microhouse minimal minimalism mix modern classical motherfuckin rabbits ejaculating sunshine no worries nocountryforoldmen noise noise pop not fucking around optimistic people who are freakier and folkier than motherfucking devendra banhart pop pop rock post-rock progressive rock psych-folk psychedelic psychedelic and tribal swedish music psychedelic pop psychedelic rock rape-hop rnb rock shala la la la singer-songwriter small husband songs so numbingly gorgeous you will not know what hit you as you gape in awe space disco pop steve reich superb classics that gave and or gives electronic music a new face symphony of the end of the world techno techno for depressed people the eighties were not that bad these tags are way too long to make any fucking sense who why write this when you… tribal tribal pop tropical depression uplifting vocal house wall of sound weirdest track yeezy taught me