Rock Hall of Fame - Who should be in it


2 avr. 2009, 6h05m

I have seen Journals by many people listing their best albums for 2008, 2009 etc. So I pulled up an old webpage: Rock Hall of Fame, which I wrote back in 1997. It shows my favourite bands, albums and songs for each year from 1963 to 1996. The list only includes records and CD's I owned in 1997.


  • Pxoenix

    Well in this list should be Saxon,Angelwitch,Magnum,Def Leppard and of course Iron Maiden, cause all of them create New Wave Of British Heavy Metal...Who knows how looks like heavy metal or even rock music if they never show up?? Maybe the rock or even metal music doesn't egsist now?? but it's terrible that not too much people like this music and the numbers are still falling down dramatically....What is happening with people??? Are they really like to listening the disco music?? Well again it is terrible for me....I am glad that I listening the rock and metal music:)anyway it gave me a strenght to live:)Hail to you my friend and keep rockin \m/

    5 avr. 2009, 9h16m
  • Manowar1

    Check it out, Saxon (1979), Def Leppard (1980), Iron Maiden (1982) are included in the list. The other 2 were not included, because I did not have a CD or record by them at that time (1997)

    5 avr. 2009, 23h14m
  • Jon_Intolerable

    RUSH. Rush has been screwed out of the Rock Hall of Fame for decades.

    28 avr. 2009, 19h06m
  • NaparNick

    Fates Warning

    17 mai 2009, 17h39m
  • Shru


    31 mai 2009, 17h18m
  • Oistel666

    SWEET should be in the R&R Hall Of Fame! Although they were so talented and unique it is one of the most underrated bands ever. It's a shame!

    23 mars 2010, 22h11m
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