Just (previously) hit 8,000 - my top artists and tracks.


22 juin 2006, 8h07m

Much later than usual. Apparently.

Am currently trying to check out a few new artists instead of cranking out the usual stuff, so that explains why there isn't much of an increase in rank as compared to the last 1,000 tracks. If that makes little, if any, sense.

Expect to see Hombre Religioso ("I am, I am" ring any bells?) and Bubble Gum ranking high next time around. You should know why.

Top Ten Artists

The Beatles (313)
Tenacious D (302)
Gorillaz (205)
Johnny Cash (183)
Foo Fighters (172)
Franz Ferdinand (171)
The White Stripes (163)
Pink Floyd (159)
Interpol (155)
Green Day (154)

Top Ten Tracks
Fall Line (77)
Ballad of Serenity (75)
I Walk the Line (70)
Sleepwalker (68)
The Final Countdown (65)
Red Dragon Tattoo (64)
Down With the Sickness (56)
F.U.N. Song (50)
November Has Come (47)
Slow Hands (44)


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