• Jadakiss's syndrom?

    26 avr. 2009, 15h10m

    Ok... after listenin to a new LP,another disappointment. Don't know whats up with this guy. Like Nas, he always kills when he's a guest on someone's else shit... but Nas can actually make a dope LP, Jada cant.
    You realize that if you just listen to "Rite where u stand" by Gangstarr and than after that to any Jada's song. It's not like he made soo much material (in 15 years-3 solo's), so he could get off with a he's had enough...It's not like he has no talent or so, plus a great slick voice imho. But why the hell did he pick up Neptunes beats on new album; it's like puttin Busta Rhymes on Kno's beats--hurts the ears. And it's not like there ain't good song on "The Last Kiss", but they lost themselves in, imho too much, 18 songs...Album has no concept at all. Like the rest of his stuff. Guests are not on point either. Again like on all of his albums.
    I don't know what's wrong with this guy... but he came to the point that I have to question his whole talent and style. A SHAME.
  • albums that made me love this music... vol.2

    12 jui. 2008, 17h12m

    5. CunninLynguists - A Piece of Strange 2006
    As you can see, this is still quite fresh album from 06' which one I fell in love with Kno's beatmakin skillz... Album is pure gold, and a proof that south can make classic shit...Imho it's the one ov da best composed albums besides to Prince Paul's... not many guests on album, but all did great job; from Cee Lo to Immortal Technique...
    my fav. track: Caved In
    "...We slipping far under the ghoul yard
    In grim tombs we some dim stars, batteries full barred
    At birth, but it's hard to stay charged on earth
    Cause world wide like girth, the wise are in dirt..."

    4. A Tribe Called Quest: Low End Theory 1991
    Ok, I don't got words to describe this jazz-funky knowledge dropping, so am gonna borrow statement I found quite suiting in this case: Cop it new, or cop it used, but do not fail to COP THIS ALBUM. Like a Troy Aikman pass or a Magic Johnson finger roll, it's the kind of perfection that inspires others to reach for similarly lofty heights of repeated greatness.
    my fav. song: Check The Rhime
    "...Okay, if knowledge is the key then just show me the lock..."

    3. Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 1995
    For me best produced album ever... As much as I love Dj Premier and Pete Rock, they never made this kind of job on whole album, RZA entered my top5 producers with only this album. Maybe wondering why didn't I put Wu Tang debut...Again, production. Don't get me wrong, Rae is great MC, and some nice guests made and album too..especially Nas, who imho spitted his best verse on also my fav. song on the LP; Verbal Intercourse
    "...Through the lights, cameras and action, glamour, glitters and gold
    I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe
    When I'm deceased, by then The Beast arise like yeast
    To conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets
    Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun
    Trick my Wisdom, with the system that imprisoned my son
    Smoke a gold leaf, I hold heat nonchalantly
    I'm grungy, but things I do is real, it never haunts me
    While funny-style niggaz roll in the pile
    Rooster heads profile on a bus to Riker's Isle
    Holdin weed inside they pussy with they minds on the pretty things in life
    Props is a true thug's wife
    It's like a cycle, niggas come home, some'll go in
    Do a bullet, come back, do the same shit again
    From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
    Guns salute life rapidly, that's the ritual..."

    2. Nas - Illmatic 1994
    Many people including myself putted Illmatic as the best rap album ever recorder... You really can't argue with that once you hear the album... from number 1 to number 10 track... all classic songs, great lyrics, storytelling, AZ verse, not to say Pete Rock, Dj Premier and Large Pro on one album... you can't go wrong with that... Nas has truly established himself as really street poet...but not quite to make my number one :P
    my fav. song: Memory Lane (Sittin in da park)
    "...My duration's infinite, moneywise or physiology
    Poetry, that's a part of me, retardedly bop
    I drop the ancient manifested hip-hop, straight off the block
    I reminisce on park jams, my man was shot for his sheep coat
    Childhood lesson make me see him drop in my weed smoke
    It's real, grew up in trife life, did times or white lines
    The hype vice, murderous nighttimes, and knife fights invite crimes..."

    you can comment on my 9 top albums, as I plan to give a whole review on my best rap album in a few days...
  • albums that made me love this music... vol.1

    5 jui. 2008, 16h01m

    First of all, it's always hard to put some top lists in any field of entertainment, especially in this music biz without leaving something great out...But I've put my mind on building top albums that made me fell in love with this music... so here it goes:P

    10. Mos Def - Black on Both Sides 1998
    Addressing serious social-political issues while remaining positive and affirmative from start to finish. Very inspiring lyrics with great beats is a simple recipe for a classic album, this being one.
    my fav. track: Love
    "...Spendin time, writin rhymes
    Tryin to find words that describe the vibe
    That's inside the space
    When you close yo' eyes and screw yo' face..."

    9. Jeru The Damaja - The Sun Rises in The East 1994
    Classic east-coast LP with grimy and raw Preemo's beats that go perfectly with Dirty Rotten's braggadocious flow. From beggining till end Jeru emphasizes the power of the most dangerous tool any man has, „My weapon is my MIND“
    my fav. track: D Original
    "...But wanna get funny, we can get bummy
    Take you to the East and back again money
    Filthy putrified trickster past your sister
    Challenge the Damaja, and you'll be histo-ry
    Mortal Kombat fatality
    The original don't sing no R&B
    Nasty MC deity
    Chop off domes, with the poems that come out of my pin-eal
    gland, as I expand
    You know who I am..."

    8. Black Moon - Enta da Stage 1993
    Listen to this album and you can hear hip-hop change. The release of this album was overshadowed by the landmark Wu-Tang Clan debut and the popular success of Midnight Marauders and Doggystyle. But make no mistake, this is one of the '90s most important hip-hop classics, an album that deserves its own node on the hip-hop timeline. The only term that adequately describes Black Moon's smooth combination of funky jazz rhythms and ferocious vocals is 'elegant madness.'
    my fav. track: Who got the props?
    "...I'm grab the mic/Flip the script/And leave 'em stunned/Buckshot's the one that gets the job done..."

    7. Jay-Z - The Black Album 2003
    'The Black Album' is, by any conventional standards, an imperious record, one convinced by, and almost smugly aware of, its own excellence (so is its maker: "I'm like Che Guevara with bling on - I'm complex," he raps at one particularly memorable point). It easily stands comparison not just to the stars Jay-Z has been forced to compete with since 1996, but to the all-time greats of hip hop history. Throughout, Jay doles out portions of his life story, switching dazzlingly from a verse where he tries to make peace with his late father, through finely wrought narratives of his dealing days and on to grandiose endorsements of his Herculean rap achievements. Each track could yield a whole review in itself; this is almost uniformly an album of highlights ('Change Clothes' and 'Justify My Thug', are the two minor exceptions and even they're distinguished by incredible lyrics).
    my fav. track: Moment of Clarity
    "...Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like Common Sense/But I did five mil - I ain't been rhymin' like Common since/When your cents got that much in common/And you been hustlin' since your inception/F*ck perception - go with what makes sense..."

    6. AZ - Doe or Die
    This is a hip hop classic. A must have the rawest of all AZ's albums and a lyrical masterpiece. AZ wrote this one when he was hungry and the lyrics are unmatched. I don't know if you could find a more complex rap style than the one AZ has on this album. Any intelligent hip hop fan knows this is a classic cop this for sure yall. One
    my fav. track: Rather Unique
    " verbals rip shit
    Brains give birth to thoughts in triplets
    fuck it I'm on some flip shit
    ready to let my clip spit, dramatical
    vocals release shells like automatics
    Do music's magical causing any battle to be tragical
    I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia
    slaughter your circulatory like lukemia..."