• Cool things you can do with the new Spotify integration

    29 jan. 2014, 17h52m

    With the new Spotify integration, as well as being able to play almost any track or album listed on, you can now start a playlist from almost any tracklisting on the site.

    To do so, simply play the first track in the list and it should queue up all of the matching tracks in Spotify. If you want to save this as a playlist, simply open the play queue in Spotify, highlight all of the tracks in the queue, right click and choose 'Add to... new playlist".

    Here are some of my favourites:

    1. playlists

    Although technically deprecated, we kept these on the site so that people could export them to other services. With spotify integration, you can now play them again.

    2. Loved and Banned tracks

    You can now sort your loved tracks by play count and artist name, and then play them within Spotify. You can also play your banned tracks, if you like. :)

    3. Top tracks and Charts

    I think this is one of the most exciting features. You can now play your top tracks for any of the default time ranges (1 week, 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 months, all time), and of course save them as a playlist.

    To get the spotify play buttons to load correctly, you might need to load the page in a new tab.

    4. Weekly snapshots

    Likewise, you can generate a playlist from any week of your charts, using our weekly snapshots feature.

    5. Personal tags

    Personal tag radio used to be subscription feature - now you can create a spotify playlist of any tracks you've tagged .

    Like this:

    (artists and albums not currently supported yet).

    6. Recent tracks and explore

    Using recent tracks and explore, you can relive any scrobble.
  • Scrobblr: Shazam-style scrobbling app

    24 oct. 2013, 18h07m

    This month an experimental third-party app has come our way that's really piqued my interest. It's called Scrobblr, and uses the microphone on your android / ios device to identify music and scrobble it to your profile.

    The reason it's got me excited, is because it means you can potentially scrobble anything and everything you can hear -- broadcast radio; TV; car stereo; games console; CD, Vinyl, Cassette; and services that don't natively scrobble like soundcloud, youtube, and xbox music. The developers even claim (though we've had mixed results ourselves) that you can scrobble music heard out and about at pubs and clubs.

    For example, I've been using it to scrobble BBC radio while simultaneously streaming it through my phone (photo pending), and also to scrobble the radio stations that play on Grand Theft Auto V. One of the biggest complaints/requests we've had regarding the Xbox app is that it doesn't scrobble music in the background while gaming -- using this app you can do just that.

    While the app is still in its early stages of development, I'm certainly very excited in its potential, and I'd be eager to know what you think -- especially if, like me, you listen to music on platforms that are difficult to scrobble (like broadcast radio and cd). I'd also be curious if you can find a more obscure way of scrobbling music via Scrobblr than GTA radio stations. :)

    You can download Scrobblr for free here:


    More info:

    Make every play count. ;)
  • Now Playing at

    30 août 2013, 16h42m

  • Exploring your scrobble history

    1 mai 2013, 10h49m

    On my profile I have the following charts:



    All time

    You can find your own scrobble charts on our hidden "explore" feature, at the following location:

    You can explore specific years, months, and even specific days.

    They go all the way back to when you first joined; for example here's my first day of scrobbling:

    You can copy your charts into your about me section by right clicking on the chart, and opening the image in a new tab. Simply copy the url in the address bar, and paste it into your profile, with [img] BBCode.
  • My top albums 2012

    31 déc. 2012, 17h48m

    1. Health - Max Payne 3: the Official Soundtrack (626)
    2. Somegirl - The Velvet Hour (441)
    3. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (421)
    4. Terami Hirsch - A Broke Machine (411)
    5. Somegirl - She's Full of Secrets (384)


    6. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (374)
    7. Dragonette - Galore (229)
    8. The Mummers - Tale to Tell (219)
    9. Somegirl - I've Been Known to be Completely Wrong (203)
    10. Mylène Farmer - Anamorphosée (159)
    11. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 OST (157)
    12. Poe - Haunted (149)
    13. Poe - Hello (147)
    14. The Mummers - Mink Hollow Road (142)
    15. Portishead - Roseland NYC Live (136)
    16. Dragonette - Fixin to Thrill (136)
    17. Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man (132)
    18. Garbage - Not Your Kind of People (113)
    19. Jesca Hoop - Kismet (104)
    20. Portishead - Portishead (89)
  • Is Christmas actually getting later every year?

    7 déc. 2012, 22h26m

    We all like to grumble about how Christmas is getting earlier every year — at least as far as supermarkets are concerned. But is this true for people’s listening habits? This afternoon we decided to take a look at our data, which curiously suggests that perhaps the opposite is true…

    Like all of the best ideas, this graph came about it after a few rounds at the pub last night, and may or may not be scientifically valid. But it is scientific, which means it’s true.

  • Discover on Xbox Live

    1 nov. 2012, 17h58m

    Last week Microsoft rolled out another dashboard update, and this one includes an integrated web browser for gold accounts. Unfortunately, the web player won't run because flash isn't supported. :|

    However, one thing that does work is our html5 based Discover app.

    If you've never used it before, Discover is a personalised music player that introduces you to bands from around the world by letting you browse through musical styles that you may already know or want to learn more about. Crucially, the Discover app focuses on independent music from over half a million artists and labels who have uploaded their music to us directly via the music manager.

    This means it's advert free -- you can play, pause, skip forwards, and backwards without restriction; and should be available to everyone who can access the Xbox Internet Explorer app (i.e. xbox live gold accounts). While testing, we found a couple of slight issues, for example, the volume control doesn't appear to be working correctly, but I figure you can always use your tv remote. Otherwise it works pretty well.

    You can read more about discover here:

  • How to remove swearing on shoutboxes

    3 oct. 2012, 23h16m

    It occurred to me that the Internet would be a better place to live in if everyone cursed like Captain Haddock. After all, it's pretty hard to take someone seriously when they're calling you "a dunderheaded anthropophagus".

    So, over one weekend I quickly adapted a user script to replace the most offensive comments I could find with Captain Haddock curses.

    You can get it here:

    (Chrome users - to install you need to download the js file, open the Tools -> Extensions page, and then drag and drop the file onto your browser).

    I used the Radiohead and Muse shoutboxes for testing, and it should also work on Youtube. It *may* cause some oddities with genuine words - I'm trying to weed these out while keeping the script fun and useful. I was also genuinely surprised at how tricky certain words are to substitute. Source code is obviously not safe for work. ;)

    Enjoy! :)
  • 4 year retrospective (draft)

    12 sept. 2012, 18h18m

    Last Saturday marked my 4th anniversary as a member. In two months time, I will have worked for the company for 2 years.

  • Introducing... FIP (and scrobbling Radio stations with

    9 mai 2012, 15h06m

    FIP is Radio France's best kept secret -

    The concept behind FIP has scarcely changed since its founding: music interrupted by traffic updates and cultural information with a short news broadcast at 10 before the hour, with no advertising. The broadcasts are presented by live announcers from 7 am to 11 pm, after which a robot replays parts of the music broadcast the previous day.

    FIP’s programming is an eclectic mix of musical genres: chanson, rock, world music, classical music, film music, jazz and more, but connected with a theme. FIP is one of the few stations with this type of programming in the world.

    (From the tag wiki)

    Just check out those playlists:

    This is a dream station for anyone who likes discovering new music - you literally never know what is going to be played next, but their selection is always varied and of a high calibre. News is minimal and adverts are non-existent.

    You can listen directly on their website, or you can download their desktop app: (installation is in french, but is fairly straightforward)

    Does it scrobble?

    Yep, twifip was kind enough to create an account that scrobbles their playlists in realtime. The downside is that some songs have poor metadata (especially soundtracks) resulting in mistagged artists.

    To scrobble, you need to use, an app created by one of our web developers, which lets you clone the scrobbles of another user. This is ideal for listening parties and scrobbling from radio stations like bbc6music

    To scrobble:

    1. Visit
    2. Click join party and auth. your account.
    3. Enter 'twifip' as the party you want to join and confirm.

    (or bbc6music if you want to scrobble that - a full list of radio stations that scrobble can be found here)

    NB: boxsocial will continue to scrobble even if you close the page. Be sure to visit the site and click on 'Leave party' to stop scrobbling to your account. Alternatively you can revoke account authorisation in your account settings here:

    Retroactive scrobbles

    Alternatively, you can scrobble retroactively with the awesome Universal Scrobbler:
    (choose "Another user" in the menu)