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À propos de moi

Hi you all lovely creeps,

I'm a young sexy commando from Finland, and this is my, believe it or not. Music is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, because theres just.. so much to talk about it. My bad habit is to start every new friendship by asking, what kind of music the person likes. Then if he/she answers "all kind of", I start to list all the music what I like, and after reading my comprehensive list of artists which I like, they most usually lay down on the floor dead, like they had seen "the" clip from the movie the ring. But anyways, since we're here for the music and stuff, I'll write somewhat long description about what kind of music I like, and who I am.

I like cats. Yes. I have hundreds of pictures of cats on my hard drive, and I just love each one of the pictures. My family has had cats almost always after my father left us. I also like music, believe or not! I like to.. draw? I don't know.. I really draw very rarely, but I daydream about stuff ALOT, and those daydreams include drawing/photographing very usually. I've got the vision, what my artwork would look like, but I don't have the skills or the nerves to do what I want to. And I would never ever be proud of the work which I've done. And as I mentioned
above, I like to daydream a lot. I dream about everything.. and I think that it's great way to spend time. My daydreams usually get involved with psychology, in way or another. And I'd like to study psychology later on in my life, and my dream would be a job which would involve with psychology.

Well let's get started with the main thing, music. What's playing now? Matt Uelmen - Halls. I decided to play Diablo II soundtrack as I write this. (and I have to tell, that I'm a proud owner of Diablo II soundtrack for real! :)) As you noted above, I listen to soundtracks, which can be connected to classical music. Yes, I listen to both of them. And not just classical and soundtracks, but all kinds of music with no words in it. It can be trance/house/whatever. But usually music with no lyrics, has to be.. somehow different, from the music with lyrics. That's why I don't listen to trance/techno a lot. It kind of screams for lyrics which it doesn't have sometimes. So I'll list here some of my personal favorite instrumental/classical artists/composers:

Matt Uelmen
Juno Reactor
Single tracks from
Danny Elfman
Marco d'Ambrosio

Those weren't all of them, I can tell you, but those are the ones which came into my mind fastest. Well, and to next music genre which I like to listen to: eurobeat. It's just soooo~ happy music! So energic! So.. nnrrrggggh! It just cheers me up, pumps me up with force to go on with whatever I'm working on. It's the music what makes me want to sing along with it. It's also the only music that wakes up my urge to dance or just move around and "go beat crazy". ;) Too bad, that I dislike most of the female eurobeat -artists, they just seem to have way too high voice and it hurts my ears. Or if it doesn't hurt, it's just.. so distracting. So, now I'll list my favorite eurobeat artists aswell..:

Dave Rodgers
Matt Land
Mr. M

And as before, that's not the all of them. Just few examples. Just few. Few. fffffff. f. f.f.f. And, at last, I also like heavy-metal and lots of music what are "like it". I don't really know and I don't really even care, what these heavy-metal bands are categorized into. But as I listen to the heavy-metal, one of the most important things about it is, the fact that what's the feeling of the track. Every heavy-metal song has to have a somekind of attitude and feeling into it. If the song has no feeling, it's just.. well, crap. And that's why I don't like some bands, I don't feel anykind of feelings or emotions in the songs. And there's also another thing which is really important for me, and I'll describe that later on in the end of this! But here is once again the list of my favorite bands of this category:

Rhapsody (of Fire)
Luca Turilli
Wuthering Heights
Dark Moor

And at last, I'll also want to tell what kind of stuff I like in music. And one of the most important things is the voice of the singer. That's why I fell in love with Rhapsody and Dark Moor. The voice of the singer can be.. so beautiful. It can describe many emotions in one song, just by the tone of voice. It's just amazing. I'm sad to inform, that I have a horrible voice which I hate. Hrr. Another thing which I love in music, is the way how it can feed my imagination. "A secret message to your mind" in words of Helena. But well.. I'm pretty tired now, and I think that this is enough text for this "short text about yourself" and so on. If you have anything to ask, or if you want to talk about something.. just send me a message! :) I'd be glad to reply.

And here, in the end, I'll list some of my favorite songs:

Neo - Go Go Money
Chris T. - I Wanna Be The Night
Paul Harris - Generation of Love
Dark Moor - The Moon
Dark Moor - The Devil in the Tower
Rhapsody of Fire - Silent Dream
Rhapsody - Nightfall over grey mountaints
Rhapsody - Sacred Power of the Raging Winds
goat - Ghost Voyage

Oh my god this list is going out of hands, I stop it right now. Right now? Dark Angels - Right now is also one of my favori.. >_> So, if you like to talk about music and stuff, and you're from Finland (you can be from elsewhere aswell!) then join #nytsoi in Quakenet. :)

7,500th song: Soulitude - Solar Ghosts [[Crawlian Supremacy]]
9,500th song: Powerful T. - Glorious

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