2012... so far!

All I know for sure right now is that it's going to be the pregnant year (wouhou!!). The baby is due in December so I will only update it next January with a new love in my arms. The Elton John...

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Tried this playlist on a few long run before I learned I was pregnant. I'm planning on keeping the running going this year but at a much slower pace and with much more walking. Either way, it's a...

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And there is Red

The sweetest memories of all, courtesy of Red. “Play that loud man again Maman!” talking about Whoa is me. And forget it when A-Punk is on, we will have to play it non stop. Jump Rope is just about...

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The Getting Over It Part – it’s a good title for this year – taken from the new Blue October album. Actually, that whole album was, for me, a catharsis to 2010’s events and struggles. With a...

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

A long time ago, I met him, he sent me a tape and I sent him one. He talked about Social Distortion, the Toadies & Moby, I talked about Brel, Bélanger & Cabrel. These were the very first songs we...

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Well... 2010 deserves many playlists, which I might do later on. The hardest but the most human year of my life. A lot of strangers got into my world. Some were faceless, some were not. Some were...

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In the spring: a rift which ended in a permanent separation with one of the most important family member in my life got me listening to a few songs way too much (basically a soundtrack that was in...

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First part of the year: got a promotion that kicked my ass and took all my time which got me looking for a new job. Most of all we started the never ending renovations on our house... Got my first...

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A not so good vacation where we spent 12 hours on the road listening to the same cd of Muse and Spoon (the ONLY highlight of the road trip :-)) but, to this day, I still didn't burnt the complete...

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The birth of my daughter and weirdly putting her to sleep to Rammstein, Moby and Jack Johnson (for some reasons, she really liked Du Hasst and Southside! Maybe the drum beat?). Our little baby girl...

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