The Killers - Day & Age Review


13 mars 2009, 23h57m

Well, The Killers are a good band... yeah Sam's Town and Hot Fuss are really good albums... but really... Day & Age is not the Killers... or is it just Brandon and his bipolar taste in music... with him stating that one day he wants to be Bruce Springsteen and the next... he wants to be the biggest pop star in the world.

I like the Killers as you can see from my charts, it's a decent amount of plays, and without being subjective here, I will try to remain as balanced as possible when it comes to reviewing this album!

Day & Age kicks of with Losing Touch ... and what a great opener, if the Killers were ever to go on and make a greatest hits album and sure, it's going to happen one day, then 'Losing Touch' will surely be on it. This is because it's a great song, it happens to represent a strong band like the Killers, 'Losing Touch' gives of the Killers feel from the 'Hot Fuss' days, the synthesizers that they used and the lyrics Brandon used could be compared to complete genius.

After one track, the Killers were back to their top form.. but then came in Human. Which really does have to be one of the most disappointing lead singles ever. Not only is Brandon's lyrics ever so disappointing in this song, he also represents the 1980's in superb fashion... an era of music most of us would like to forget, but no offence to Brandon... he has gave us songs like 'When You Were Young', 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Midnight Show'. Which really have to be part of their great career so far.

Now we forward ourselves to Spaceman, this is another track that proves mediocre in the finale. Not only does the actual song prove disappointing, but Brandon's idea of a video shoot, would resemble himself in a tight red costume that makes him look like something out of the Pet Shop Boys or something out of Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Although, the album does have it's high moment, and probably the best song of the album would have to be The World We Live In. This song truly represents The Killers capabilities in their terms of writing skills and musical craft.

Apart from all I mentioned, which might sound heavily critical towards the Killers, I do feel they are capable of a better album than 'Day & Age' which I feel is a major disappointment to follow up an album such as 'Sam's Town' which really is genius.

I would like to conclude this album by giving it rating out of ten and out of 10, I would give it 4... (4/10). It was probably the most disappointing album I've heard from a band with so much talent that it really does create disappointment, even with it's fans.

Linus (13/03/09)


  • techno-shit

    I like it, but it'd definitely not their best. But I'm always supportive of bands trying new styles. Usually bands find themselves in their 3rd album, but let's hope they realize their.. mistake and produce better sounds again :]

    15 mars 2009, 18h55m
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