Childhood Musical Influences


24 mai 2008, 20h09m

I love music. Why? That would be a rather long discussion. However, I'll say right now that it might have something to do with the fact that I was raised to love music by my parents and my grandparents. This journal is basically an excuse to be nostalgic.

Besides Sesame Street and Disney soundtracks, here are some of the things I listened to as a kid (which I still love to this day):

1: Yes- "The Yes Album" and "The Ladder." I listened to one of those nearly every night. 'The Ladder" isn't Yes' best album, but I still love it because I listened to it so much as a kid. I'd really like to know how many other kids listened to Yes.

2. Queen- "Queen - Greatest Hits" and "The Miracle." I had those two albums on cassette. My favorite song was Another One Bites the Dust... and uhh, I had no idea what it was about at the time. Another favorite was Bohemian Rhapsody, although I didn't know that it was the same band.

3. The Beach Boys- "The Greatest Hits Volume 1: 20 Good Vibrations," which my grandma gave to me on cassette. I liked it because it was fun to dance to. The meaning of the lyrics "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world," from Catch A Wave, particularly eluded me. My parents also owned Pet Sounds, but I didn't like it as much because I thought it was all too slow.

4. Sting- "Ten Summoner's Tales," and "Brand New Day." Sting is one of my parents' favorite artists. We listened to those albums a lot during car rides. I also knew the songs Roxanne and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, but overall I was more familiar with Sting's solo stuff.

5. Tom Petty- "Full Moon Fever." I thought that "Runnin' Down A Dream" was actually "Runnin' Down a Drain." My young literal mind couldn't comprehend how one could possibly run on top of something that wasn't real, I guess. We also had Tom Petty songs for karaoke.

6. Steely Dan - "Aja" (which we had on vinyl) plus, my mom was in a Steely Dan cover band. I was frequently dragged along to rehearsals and concerts.

7. The Monkees - "A Barrel Full of Monkees." This was apparently a compilation of songs to appeal to kids, featuring songs with lyrics about dogs and fruit and gnomes. My best friend loved it too, so I recently gave her my old CD for her birthday. I find it strange that I grew up knowing the Monkees but having no bloody idea who the Beatles were.

8. Andrew Lloyd Webber - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." We saw it live, twice. I listened to the album so many times that, to this day, I can sing the entire thing front to back without it even playing. We also went to see Cats, but I was young... and I fell asleep.

9. Led Zeppelin - I'm not actually sure which albums we owned. Possibly "Houses of the Holy," because when I listened to it for the "first" time I already knew all of the songs. That might be because they're all played on the radio, though. At any rate, I definitely knew the song Whole Lotta Love. Their name confused me because I didn't understand how a zeppelin made of lead could fly. Ironically, when I mentioned Led Zeppelin to my incredibly musically ignorant best friend, he had the same reaction. And he's 15.

10. Grateful Dead - "Skeletons From the Closet: The Best of the Grateful Dead." I somehow listened to the Grateful Dead without ever discovering that their name was the Grateful Dead. I recently rediscovered the CD on our shelves and the memories came flooding back.

11. Twitch - "At Last." Ah yes, I bet none of you have ever heard of Twitch. They were a Detroit band that my parents saw live a couple of times. Frankly, it freaks me out that my parents let me listen to some of their songs. Some of the lyrics are rather... questionable. Hah.

12. Various artists- "Spirit of the 60's (disc 1)." My grandma bought this 2 disc compilation for me after I expressed interest during the commercial for it. The commercial came on quite a lot on whatever channel I watched. It features a lot of classic late 60's songs... and even some that are from 1970, which sort of disagrees with the album's name.

13. Random other local bands - my parent's friends were in a lot of bands, and no one will have heard of them, and so I won't bother to mention them.

14. Various artists - "Oliver & Company." I wasn't going to mention Disney, but this was an important one. I nearly wore out the cassette, I listened to it so much. My absolute favorite song for a while was Why Should I Worry by Billy Joel.

So, that's the list. One might wonder if I would still be the same person today if it weren't for these bands. If you read this, feel free to comment and post your own childhood musical influences.


  • Shyntwyss

    My dad made me listen to Metallica when I was little..

    25 mai 2008, 21h41m
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