My Favourite Band Survey :)


3 déc. 2009, 5h39m

1) Who is your favourite band/artist?
Backyard Babies

2) When did you find out about them?
Around 2004

3) Where they still making music when you discovered them?

4) Of all their records which is your favourite and why?
Making Enemies Is Good mainly because it was the first album of theirs that I bought but also cause it always makes me smile when I listen to it :)

5) Of all their songs, which is your favourite and why?
It's really hard to choose as I love all their songs. I think at the moment A Song for the Outcast is my favourite, I love the lyrics and I think the guitar riffs are really good.

6) Which is your least favourite album and why?
Ahhh that's a horrid question! Uhm, I think to be honest their latest album Backyard Babies has to be my least favourite simply because it sounds more commercialised than their others plus it doesn't seem to have that raw punk rock energy that their other albums do.

7) Which is your least favourite song and why?
One Sound don't get me wrong I do like this song, it just sounds as though they've tried to make their sound heavier than normal and they just can't pull it off.

8) When and where do you like to listen to this band/artist?
Anywhere and everywhere :) There's never a bad time to listen to them :)

9) Have you ever seen them live and if so where and when?
I have :) I've seen them 5 times now. Twice when they've been supporting bands (Velvet Revolver & Buckcherry), once at the Download festival, and twice when they've been doing their own headlining gig. Can't remember the dates :(

10) How many records do you have by this artist?
All of them :) I even have two of them signed :p

11) Have you done anything that seperates you from the rest of their fans?
Uhm...well I have their skull & crossbones logo tattooed at the bottom of my back and I have their names tattooed on my wrists if that counts??

12) When and how did this band become your favourite artist, and do you think they'll always be your favourite?
They became my favourite band the first time I saw them (2005 I think). I was blown away by them. I know they'll always be my favourite band; I love their mysic, they're amazing guys, and they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen :)

13) Recite your favourite lyrics of theirs...
'what is your fear invitations are here cry a river inside but never shed any tears' from A Song for the Outcast


  • Dudemaister09

    love BYB! think my favs stockholm syndrome.. altho i like total 13 too.. i was there at download!! they was soo cool! i thought they would have bin bigger in the uk tho they should at least bin on the second stage they even did there own sound test.. am off to see um in jan too in london :)

    3 déc. 2009, 11h10m
  • LickleShrew

    Yeah I thought they should have been on the 2nd stage too. They're not that big over here which is a shame. Ahhhh you're well lucky getting to see them in Jan!! I soooo need to live closer to london for all these gigs lol. Apparently they're splitting up after this tour :(

    4 déc. 2009, 0h29m
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