• Marching towards new loves

    22 mars 2012, 11h51m

    So March is near to an end and it brings to me:

    Kay Tse - I happened to hear a chinese song on the radio (which is a rarity in itself) and I was instantly hooked on the song. Soundhound was flipped out and within a few seconds I had the song id'ed as 年度之歌 (Song of the Year) from the album Yellin. It's so so good I kept playing an replaying it on youtube. ^_^

    After finding out on wiki how great Kay is (one of the 4 main chinese female vocalists and has been around for a while), I zeroed in on Wedding Invitation Street 囍帖街 on youtube.

    Old loves that won't let go of my mind and keep occupying me on youtube (I guess you can tell I really love youtube xDDDDDDDDD )

  • SometimesI wonder what I have missed

    12 fév. 2012, 10h47m

    Sometimes I wonder what I have missed... having been away from jpop for so long

    I've found amny of my loves have either toned odwn or retired because they lost popularity or like in hayami's case, retired. It does quite sadden me but also in a weird way brightened me that I haven't missed as much.

    There is one singer that this is not the case however. Tonight I was listening to more Aya Matsuura on youtube. Aya has always been a strange love to me because at the time I listened to her a lot and she was super popular on audioscrobbler, I had all her music but I couldnt quite connect with her on the same level others had on how awesome she was. I could tell she had a voice above the hello morning usual but her songs were still very boppy and kiddish... not to be insulting but I always felt that to be truly amazing and to be able to smash the jpop scene she would have to go above and beyond that. so I listened to her, I had my favourites, but there weren't many songs that I would reach for the back button to replay over again and again. The standouts were not many. Even now on ayas last.fm page her overall top 4 songs are not my favourites. Mine start with 100回のKISS and Watarashe Bashi.

    Well that quickly changed when in January this year I went looking her up on youtube and I found hits after hit. It was like a mine and I had struck oil! Some were songs I knew well and loved from ages ago, some were the meh boppy ones but the ones that stood out to me where the ones that I immediately took a strong liking to but I didnt recall hearing before.

    I also found they all came from the same one album:

    Omoi Afurete - 2009-01-21

    The title song - Omoi Afurete and Falling are up there with 100回のKISS and Watarashe Bashi. and many of the others are just great. Overall it makes an album that I really enjoy listening to from start to end and there aren't too many albums I find I can do that with.

  • New Found Love

    15 jan. 2012, 5h36m

    16 days ago I found a new found love - Bright. 16 days later I've been playing non stop their clips on youtube and I've even aquired most of their music. Now they've hit my music player and subsequently last.fm so watch out for their awesomeness! Bright is a jpop band formed back in 2008 under an indie avex brand. They started off busking in the streets and they can really sing and dance. They are the real deal and I am proud to be a fan of their songs. Hopefully this will lead to a new golden age in jpop listening for me because the jpop love has been gone for far too long and I really do still love my old jpop songs.
  • Will the jmusic come back to my life?

    2 sept. 2011, 11h13m

    4 years ago... It sounds so long ago now, I was very into my jmusic. Getting mew music all the time and making the time to listen to it, hear what other last.fm fans, forumers thought and really getting into the community. Then it died. I died a little death and never came back. I don't know why or how it started but my love seemed to dry off and I didn't really go anywhere. Not to Wpop or Cpop or any other music. It just died off. I stopped listening to new stuff and even what I had, I listened to them less and less.

    Fast forward to the beginning of the year and I was after a new phone. It was all that I wanted but it was pricey. to justify this I said to myself it could double as my music player among many other things... So I got and packed it with song as soon as i got a memory card.. mostly mixes but not myfavourite stuf because I am like that. And each time a melody or a memory would come to me and I would go add new songs on. Mostly it was wpop like Bon Jovi, Celine and some anime like Do you remeber love (oh I'm so in love with this song I could play it endlessly over and over and over again.). Another fun avenue which I am/was really into is youtube. It is awesome for inding old and new songs alike and I have my playlists which I continually build upon.. I refound Do You Remember Love like that and tonight I am listening to someones premade playlist of Aya Matsuura songs. I remeber having a disc with just her songs and playing her songs A LOT and grabbing her albums as soon as they came out. Of the jpop artists she was one of my favourites. Funny thing is I never really felt she had any stand out songs. Maybe one or two that I would intentionally put on or would play in in my head when I wasn't listening to her but most of her songs was stuff that I would put on and I could listen to without hitting the skip button.

    Tonight I am listening to this premade playlist and yea, some songs bring back memories but my strongest feelings are.. her voice is so good and these songs.. are so good too.

    Maybe my tastes have changed a little.
  • Megumi Nakajima! <33

    6 fév. 2011, 13h32m

    Megumi Nakajima
  • New friends

    24 juin 2009, 10h41m

    Sorry if I took a long time to add you. I only noticed there was a request and when I found where it was I found more. :0
  • Better In Time - Leona Lewis

    29 jui. 2008, 13h01m

    Hear this song on the radio a few times but I never knew what it was called. The radio is so hopeless in getting people in touch with music. So I did some hunting around on the webbydanet and I found out what it is called. darn, this song is so awesome. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. I reembered I was doing something important when it came on (like changing. lol) and I stopped in my tracks, mesmerized at how awesome the voice was and how sweet/memory forming the music was. Then I started dancing...

    Leona Lewis, I must hear more of your music!
  • How much iis that diggy in the window?

    23 nov. 2007, 12h59m

    where o whre can I find people with the same tastes as me?
  • hayami

    2 nov. 2007, 13h42m

    aww, I really miss Hayami. I really wish she will come out with something soon. Theres so many songs of hers that I love, many so dearly. I have her complete playlist on my portable and listening to her wonderfully sweet voice made me wonder where shes been. It's been too long since she's last come out with an album. She needs to bring out something soon. I need it! Hayami!


    venus 18 !!!!!!!!!!
    air mail
    dessert days
    mienai story
    kaze ni Mukai Aruku Youni
    say good bye gloomy days
    Aisuru Kimi ga Soba ni Ireba
    yume real
    Kon'ya wa Kaeranai
    peach lime shake
    jumping lets go
    go! my heaven
    soda pop
    see you darling
    sweet ride
    Onaji Sekai de
    so many nights

    I think I better stop now, I'm naming every song...

    Hayami Kishimoto
  • Online games

    22 oct. 2007, 9h52m

    Welp I stopped playing LPC. The reset and money changes were just too much . I was so close to saving enough to upgrade my house and then some.. I don't think I have the energy to do it all again. I may go back one day but for now I'm trying gaia and marapets.

    Marapets is fun but the pictures arent anywhere as purty as gaia's.

    gaia's... well, let's just say I'm struggling on there. But the clothes and stuff you can buy are so nice looking. I want to fish too but for some reason it won't let me on. *pouts*