Led Zeppelin


25 mai 2009, 19h00m

Led Zeppelin is my favourite band but I think The Beatles came VERY close! I really wish I could go to a Led Zeppelin concert but because Robert Plant is being a shithead I can't. They aren't touring anymore and Plant isn't talking to Jones or Page anymore and is with Krauss. Plant just isn't blue grass! Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin is pretty much blue grass and the first time I heard it I couldn't believe it was Led Zeppelin! I thought there was a mistake. But it's Plant's idea for that song and I find it embarassing that my favourite band (THE ONE I'M CRAZY ABOUT) has a song call HOT DOG! It's not my least favourite song though. Because it has AMAZING piano and guitar! My least favourite is Candy Store Rock. That song even sounds stupid! Just listen to it: Candy Store Rock. And that song is SO BORING! The instruments aren't that amazing (that's why I like Hot Dog better). I don't have a favourite song. There are SO many great songs! And not just Led Zeppelin but I've heard songs by other bands that I like more than half of Led Zeppelin's songs. But Led Zeppelin's still the best even though Robert Plant is pissing everyone off!


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