• someone asked me about my week & I answered

    20 juin 2010, 5h04m

    "Since you asked:
    During the week:
    Participating in life every day that I am allowed to!
    Large - Honey do List - Family - House, dogs, crancky husband, lol,lol,lol...Art, Music & dance are the best therapy!!
    Boring administrative job, but at least have one !
    Listening to chillout during work time, whether it'd be from my Ipod, collection of cds, or from internet radio, unfortunately I cannot get LastFm there but some others that are quite as nice.
    LOVE Chillout !! Chillout is my equalizing brain & body wave!
    Music = life for me = discovery, creation, experience, all encompassing! through out all my life! Cannot separate music from anything that I have done. It has had the power to fill moments in the history of my life, always will as long as I am alive and able.
    Music is always playing wherever I choose to be!
    I feel music in my heart, my body, my mind! It moves me, in many different ways, and I express it that way...intensely, passionately, softly or slow!
    Do I close my eyes when listening to music?
    Yes I do, when it is so intensely felt that I cannot hold it in my heart any longer!"
    Marisol = LatinChillFox
  • Twilight Cd

    28 mars 2009, 3h54m

    G O O D... V E R R R R R Y..... G O O D.....!!!!!!

    12 oct. 2008, 5h49m


    2 août 2008, 3h17m

    "Is it because I finally get to relax?
    Is it because I do not have anything to think about for the next few days?
    Is it because of the energy that each produces, that it feels like a seduction?
    I cannot help but to feel lulled...with the gentle waves, the azure color that surrounds me, in yet such strong force of an embrace....MMMmmmm
    Cannot help but feel these waves warm arms, move me back and forth, and surround me completely in my most inner soul.
    Ahhhh!.....I'm liquid in...I'm liquid out...
    The sun kisses me everywhere...I feel its fiery tongues all over me....
    MMmmm...from the bottom of my toes, they travel all over my body...kissing me soavely when the breeze blows...
    I lay in the soft white caressing sand...I listen to the sea, as it speaks to me
    murmuring just barely..back and forth, the seafoam comes up to my fingers...
    and I stretch languidly,....
    awaiting for my love."

  • I don't know if I really like this new Last.Fm format!!!!

    22 jui. 2008, 0h23m

    I am trying to play the individual reccoms that I get from all my friends in the little player radio on the side of the profile, and I cannot hear anything! I press to listen to an individual song, and I can't hear anything either on the player! I'm telling you this is getting me very frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I almost have to take a course in order to listen to my music! that I love!!!
  • Hello Everyone!

    24 juin 2008, 3h20m

    Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I certainly did.
    I took my teen daughter & her best friend to the movies today, and saw THE LOVE GURU, with Mike Myers. I loved him,as AUSTIN POWERS!
    I do not have to tell you, that I giggled,and laughed thru out this whole movie this evening.My daughter as usual had to put her hands on my mouth to stop me from laughing to loudly, but gheezzz...I could not stop myself,and she could not stop laughing either.The majority of the movie has a lot of innuendo,which is usual,but it still had good lessons about believing & being truthful to yourself, and facing your fears!...but most of all,a good wonderful,enjoyable time with lots of hearty laughs, with your children and their friends, makes for a nice family time = invaluable gift !!
  • (Tribal Bellydance) Spirit of The Tribes Festival 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    27 avr. 2008, 23h14m

    Yesterday I went to the 2nd show of the Spirit of The Tribes Festival 2008. I have been attending for the past 5 years. Every year the show is awesome, whichever day you choose to attend. Saturday's show featured very good Tribal bellydancers, including Zoe from the Bellydance Superstars, and the Main Band was Beats Antique! They were a great surprise! Their music (Cello, Violin,Drums) is geared with a lot of electronica,tribal beats, with a somewhat jazzy sound. Karim Nagi was the featured drummer this year, incredibly talented dumbek player, that makes drumming sound and look so easy! Needless to say I liked them very much! The festival is mostly based on Tribal bellydance and its Fusion forms. I congratulate Maja of the Nile, for putting such wonderful festival together for the sisters of bellydance and all the people that love them as well. We had a great time, and the bazaar was wonderful! I'm looking forward to the next one in 2009, it keeps growing by leaps and bounds, with bellydancers from all over the country, and the world (as far as Japan), and the marvelous workshops offered by each teacher/instructors.
    If you are in the South Florida area around the end of April, please plan to attend!
    Love and shimmies for all!