• Rise Against & Skillet

    1 mars 2012, 21h15m

    These two bands are my favorite for many reasons. I love love love music, I mean most bands I listen to amaze me with their lyrics and instruments but these bands just draw me to them.
    Rise Against is different, they sing about important issues such as fair trade, hurricane Katrina, and others. They make a difference and stand up for the weak and innocent. I can relate to their music and Tim's voice is like a slice of heaven fell down his throat.
    Skillet is just awesome, their CD comatose saved my life, literally! I used to self harm and attempted suicide a few times. I tried everything to stop when I began 8th grade. I tried pills, working out, therapists, everything I could think of. None of it helped. I mean they would make me feel better for an hour or so but afterwards I hear or think something and just spiral downward until the only thing I could do was hurt myself. Even now I still have bouts of depression and once or twice this year I've wanted to kill myself. But ever since I found this band I can go to them. Their voices and instruments help me feel better and are an alternative to self harm.
    I don't know what I would do without these two bands. They are just amazing.