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12 mars 2011, 13h10m

New: the tag radio, playing over 1,100 versions of Gershwins Summertime!

Maybe you know the song. Summertime In Wintertime. Great song by Badly Drawn Boy. In the Summertime, another classic.

But if it comes down to classicness in summertime, nothing compares to Gershwin's classic Summertime. This classical piece has become a standard, and has been performed by numerous artists around the world. Of course, it has been performed as jazz, instrumental and with vocals; but also ska versions have been released, aswell as banjoëd versions. Steel drum groups have adopted the song. One of the best steel drum versions I heard is from Jack Warren: see Summertime.

And now, all of those performances of George Gershwin's classic have been collected under one special tag radio: . You'll find famous interpretations by Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald(including a talkative live registration from 1958), Janis Joplin and of course Billie Holiday.

But, even more interesting: you'll find (and hear) the lesser known interpretations! Over 1,100 interpretations have been included in this tag radio. Highlights, in my opinion, are the rock version of Summertime by Benjamin B., the bluesy version of Summertime by Buddhuza, the free jazz version of Summertime by Hildegunn Gjedrem and the st. germain alike version of Summertime by Pattie Cossentino.

You can feel the summer breeze coming in. Wherever you are.


  • fris4

    ! Good bit of tagging ! I've not checked, but I presume you've got all these : - - - I wonder if you are including tracks which 'sound a bit like'? Just incase... one of the tracks in there is - - - It is a while since I heard it so I'm not sure if it gets more like 'Summertime' beyond the 30sec preview. I see the tag isn't actually 'global yet & I've retagged some of the tracks to help. I also noticed that 'summertime fm' didn't come up as a 'popular tag' for some. ¿Have you removed the tag or is it just lastfm not showing it?

    20 mars 2011, 14h21m
  • fris4

    -for example -- No, I see it is still in your list. -It must just be lastfm.

    20 mars 2011, 14h26m
  • Lachgast

    Hello Fris, Thanks for your compliments and your reply. I've written a post before this one, but then I wanted to change it a bit and it got lost. Anyway. I started tagging songs with "Summertime fm", because the also included other songs called "Summertime" and songs the have the Summertime feeling all over it. The tag does of course include songs that are also tagged Summertime, but only the ones that are renditions the Gershwin classic. I've been able to listen to the whole song Wayfaring Stranger (Instrumental) through their, and it is indeed a nice interpretation of "Summertime". I've tagged it summertime fm because of that, thanks. Then, your remark about summertime not coming up as a popular tag or being a global tag. That's just something of the system. Global tags just need more than x different artist before they become playable as a tag radio. I also noticed this difference in " Built by 1 person (Used 367 times)" and "In your Library (1,102 uses)". But if I press the Summertime FM tag radio button it also plays songs from the lower regions of the play count, hence songs that aren't included in the Used 367 times. It must be the way the system works nowadays. There's a bit delay in presenting the correct data, too. Like your tagging work is not presented as of now. That will happen with the next database update I guess. Once again, thanks for your response. Don't forget to check and for other jazz standard interpretations! Happy listening! Greetings from the Netherlands, Luciën

    20 mars 2011, 15h02m
  • headey

    -Just heard that Jack Warren track. Brilliant. Thanks.

    30 avr. 2011, 10h59m
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