• Hip Hop Quotables Pt. 1

    2 fév. 2010, 14h03m

    Ridin Dirty

    Verse Two: Bun B

    Well this Bun-B bitch and I'm the king
    I'm movin' chickens got 'em finger lickin'
    Stickin' nigga's who be trippin'
    You need a swift kickin' yo azz is right for the pickin'
    Now down as my pocket's stickin'
    I be thinkin' nigga's slippin' you sick
    When I be clickin' now take a look at the
    Bigger nigga Marl liquor swigger
    Playa hata ditch digger figure
    My hair trigger you bound one hot one in yo liver
    You shiver shake and quiver
    I'm free from nigga you wetter den a river
    For what it's worth it's suburblous some nigga's doin' dirt
    Fuck her first and take off her skirt
    Make the pussy hurt Mister Master
    Hit the Swisha faster then you keep a
    Blister bastard fuck her sister faster
    Hit the elbro for sale yo
    Brother better have my mail hoe
    Before I catch a murder case and go to jail hoe
    Hell no, time to bail hit the trail so
    We can sell mo fuckin' yell get the scale
    No other bullet duck or get shoved
    Inside this game they better buck us
    Cuz the clucker's they love us
    Make them class dick suckers
    Check they jelly like smoker's
    I hit like nun-chuckers
    Cuz Short Texas bring the rukus
    This for my muthfucker's
    Cookin' cheese to crooked geez
    Rockin' up quarter key's
    Just to get the hook with ease
    Wanna bee's get on yo knee's
    Fill the squeeze from them HK one three's
    From here to over sea's
    We do what we please
    No trip cuz we flip
    Light up a dip
    I'm breakin' 'em off from they hip to yo lip
    Go ask that boy Skip
    That nigga Bun rip
    With one clip, soon as the gun slip
    Now I done ripped out my Barile
    Flyin' through yo belly belly and
    Some smelly red jelly is drippin' out of ya belly
    Servin' 'em like a Deli jumped on my cellular telli
    Hoe sell it like it's goin' out of style
    You can't see me Marcus so have a
    Motherfuckin' Sweet and smile

    Blow Your Mind [Remix]
    Whut? Thee Album

    Verse 1:

    AHHHH!! Look out it's the Funkadelic Funk for chumps
    who don't be knowin my name I tear the frame out ya punks
    I make ya slide make ya slip make ya wanna backflip
    I get biz with the skit I DJ like Quik
    The topnotch of the block cause I carry a glock
    Only hot rocks I'm hot, so give up the props
    My style is HUMMIN CUMMIN ATCHA, duck or get backed up
    Dispatcher: 'Red, get freaky to the rapture'
    So come on light the buddha check your honey while I scoop her
    The Soopafly, Jimmy fly Snooka rips the roof off
    Then hook off on your crew, to the check of one to two
    It's you! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Funky fresh in the flesh trail
    Come on and get down and boogie oogie with the ruffneck
    Hit women like Madonna all the way down to Smurfette
    But first get your tables I roast your whole record label kids
    Yo Red! (Whassup G?) Briiiiiidge!

    Gunz 'N Onez (Iz U Wit Me)
    Magnum Force
    Heltah Skeltah

    Verse two: Ruck

    Aiyyo peep the stamina, of the main brain splattera
    In a matter of seconds I’m disrespectin your character
    What’s the matter ya niggaz ain’t ready for the massacre
    I’ll be slappin y’all niggaz in the face with the calibre
    You like the voice baby? ruck is the choice lately
    Slap a hoe in the grapple hold just like royce gracie
    My boys pay me no mind, for the shit I say lately
    Then deep down in they heart, they think that nigga ruck is crazy
    Maybe, y’all niggaz should just chill before I fuck you up
    I can snuff a duck nigga in the face with the uppercut
    What the fuck? y’all niggaz do it the mic ruin
    Your life by screwin, your wife now cruisin
    Affect with the motherfuckin grimy style
    Meth-tical, heltah skeltah for the ninety-now
    Remind me how, the way it used to be, yo you used to be
    Better than you is on the mic, but now you losing me