• Tori Amos, Moscow 03.09.10

    4 sept. 2010, 18h36m

    The best show I've ever seen. Period.

    One-point-five hours of true magic. Amazing beyond description.
  • Dream Theater, Moscow 10.06.09

    13 juin 2009, 10h19m

    "We came to f*cking Russia!" (c) James LaBrie

    A really, really great show it was, with one new song and a full hand of classics. LaBrie was surprisingly good haing done some decent singing. As for the others, the playing was nothing but perfect.
    They've managed to build up good sound as well.

    Well, some four years ago I might have had a mental orgasm at such a show. This time I was just extremely glad I didn't miss it. Which is good too, ain't it?

    Man, DT are so cool after all.
  • Pain Of Salvation, Moscow 25.02.07

    26 fév. 2008, 16h53m

    Pain of Salvation's Moscow gig can be described as a show of the highest caliber.
    A decent set of songs (see below), above-average sound quality, and what's most important - brilliant performance, with loads of emotion, and communication with the audience, and even good humor. Gildenlow's da man, baby!
    Probably, this is gonna be the best gig of 2008 for me, even though the year has only just begun.

    Set list:
    Intro (Remedy Lane);
    Handful Of Nothing;
    Working Class Hero;
    This Heart of Mine;
    Diffidentia (Breaching the Core);
    ! (foreword);

    Ashes (Balalaika Acoustic Version);
    People Passing By;
    Disco Queen.
  • Brand New Start

    5 oct. 2007, 19h07m

    Muchas gracias to Vaxis who got me acquainted with the band Alter Bridge a couple of years ago. Can't say their first album (One Day Remains) was anything like a revelation to me but it's a decent piece of music nonetheless.
    And one fine day i was given a link to a YouTube video in which these guys played a new song live - and with acoustic guitars only. The song was called Brand New Start and naturally blew my mind away in an instant. Here's the link for you - quality's not that bad, by the way: Click!
    Now that a promo of their new album has leaked into the p2p-networks, there's an opportunity (which I gladly took) to listen to the album version which is also great. Still that acoustic one had some very special... uh, dunno, let's say 'aura'.

    Now I can say that that phrase from the chorus -
    'We will make a brand new start ... The break of day is before us' - fully applies to me. I just wrote a letter of resignation today, and on Nov. 1st I'm gonna quit my current job. Hope I'll find another position by then. I had my reasons to make such a decision, and now that I've done it, it still feels a bit shaky but it's also some kind of relief really.
    Just like the song says, there's lots of opportunities before me, an open highway, and I can now step on the gas and bolt forth in search of a better life.

    But well, Last.FM is about music after all. So, my friends, I must say, don't miss Blackbird by Alter Bridge. Release date should be Oct. 9th or 10th, can't say for sure. Don't blame me for piracy, I'll redeem this mortal sin by buying a CD as soon as I see one in stores. But, hell, this album's extremely good, a perfect blend of dynamics, aggressiveness and melody, an example of masterful songwriting.
  • 21 now!

    10 sept. 2007, 9h10m

    Yesterday (09.09) was my 21st birthday.
    Feel free to post your congratulations here :)
  • Latest news

    11 août 2007, 0h43m

    If you're into 'classical' straightforward hard rock, you should definitely check out the Swiss band Gotthard. Got to listen to a couple of their albums recently and I really, really liked what I heard.
    What's so good about their music? Well, the vast majority of their songs are as catchy as it can be. All well-performed and well-recorded, featuring decent melodies that you can unexpectedly find yourself singing along to (why can that be, I wonder, eh?).
    I also liked the vocals very much. The singer does not produce all those high-pitched ear-piercing sounds but his strong voice that sounds like a blend of Bon Jovi and Coverdale is just what the music needs.
    My words above can seem a bit pompous but I really did like this band.
  • Latest news

    30 jui. 2007, 12h26m

    Got my laptop from the repair service about two weeks ago , so now I'm fully able to scrobble tracks again.
    Still, haven't listened to much music lately because Neverwinter Nights 2 eats up all the free time in the evenings...
    But let's go straight to the music.
    I've been listening to both albums of Aghora recently, after quite a long break. Well, these guys still kick as much ass as the first time I heard 'em. Good music stays good forever, doesn't it?

    Also got the newest album of Deadsoul Tribe called A Lullaby for the Devil. Surely, this is a well-made piece of music. Dark and moody but creative as ever. One of the highlights on this one is a 6-minute long instrumental called The gosamer strand which features some extremely delighting flute playing. After giving the album a few spins I can say it seems better than its predecessor The Dead Word in terms of, uh, musical diversity but has the same vibe and that depressing atmosphere which surrounds every other DST work. Yet, in my opinion it can't beat The January Tree which is melodically and emotionally richer, not that brooding and slightly more dynamic.
    I wouldn't say it will please each and every progressive metal fan but most of them would want to give it a go at least.

    Bon Jovi's Lost Highway is of a completely different sort. This pack of 12 joyful, careless and typically American (as far as I can judge being not from America) rock songs is probably meant for those listeners who love long (and probably pointless) car rides (yeah, look again at the title). Can't say for sure though. However, what I can say for sure is that I grew completely tired of the music after a second or third listen. Just like Have A Nice Day, this album has only one definitely successful song - the title track, which is also the first one on the CD. Others can be rated from "not bad" to "mediocre". Can't say I regret buying the CD, it does have a couple of decent tunes that I accidentally find myself listening to from time to time. But no more than that. And, man, good ol' Jon is a very good singer no matter what.

    No other musical news so far. See ya.
  • Latest news

    5 jui. 2007, 23h41m

    Unfortunately, my home laptop is now waiting to be taken to the repair service. Seems like the motherboard fan needs to be replaced. With a malfunctioning fan there's a possibility of overheating so I don't use it for the time being using my corporate laptop instead. I can't install a Last.FM plugin on this system so unfortunately there will be no updates to my charts until this weekend at least.

    Here comes a brief report of what I have listened to recently.
    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (2007). The long-awaited ninth studio album of the progressive metal pioneers turned out to be somehow 'hard to chew'. Although it does contain some really kick-ass songs (such as 'Forsaken' or 'Constant Motion'), some tracks are too much 'chaotic' or even just plain boring (e.g. 'The Dark Eternal Night'). Still, you won't miss this one, will you, eh? And I do recommend you to get the 'Special Edition' package with a bonus DVD. The documentary and studio footage are worth watching.

    Therion - Gothic Kabbalah (2007). Man, this one's exceeded all my expectations (to be honest, I did not expect much and I'm not a die-hard Therion fan anyway either). This 2-CD album is surprisingly catchy. The current line-up of the band features four lead singers (2 male and 2 female), and, hell, their work is simply amazing! Guitars are not half as bad either. And the additional instruments such as flutes, and the orchestral arrangements, and... Well, and everything else. Everything is good.
    Probably the best Therion album since 'Theli' (1996).

    Slavior - Slavior (2007). Slavior is the new band of the ex-Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder. Being a huge fan of this drum virtuoso I just could not ignore their debut self-titled album. And I don't have any regrets of buying this CD so far. What's really good about this album is the well-maintained balance of heavy riffs, proggish complexity, diversity and catchy melodies. The music's closer to plain heavy metal, has a certain amount of aggression and energy but can't be called straightforward or simplistic. The singer does a pretty good job and Zonder's skills are extremely hard to outmatch, if even possible.
    Strongly recommended!
  • From A to the very Z

    10 jan. 2006, 21h13m