Insult Your Top 10


13 jan. 2008, 21h47m

1. Bad Religion Seriously, when you're writing a song, just put down the fucking dictionary.
2. Alkaline Trio C'mon Matt Skiba life isn't that bad
3. Coheed and Cambria Ya Know, Not everything has to be so epic?
4. Anti-Flag whine whine whine whine, thats all you guys do!
5. Green Day jeez guys thanks, I've always been looking for a way to relate with 10 year olds, now I have one.
6. Reel Big Fish its always been my opinion, that they're not as funny as they think they are.
7. Bomb the Music Industry! they're already poor what else can I make fun of them about?
8. Robot Goes Here seriously, make more music!
9. The Aquabats MCBC is a mormon
10. Amazing Transparent Man way to break up, fucks


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