Top 30 Played Bands


24 août 2007, 16h45m

Post your overall top 30 artists, first song you heard, song that made you fall in love and your current favorite.

(Note: Since I'm new to lastfm, my artists are far from in order, so I'm going to base it off my iTunes/iPod playlist, which I have had for significantly longer.)

1. Dream Theater
First: Stream Of Consciousness
In Love: Stream Of Consciousness
Favorite: The Glass Prison

2. Korn
First: Blind
In Love: Chi
Favorite: Reclaim My Place

3. Metallica
First: Enter Sandman
In Love: The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Favorite: For Whom the Bell Tolls or Disposable Heroes

4. Tchaikovsky
First: 1812 Overture
In Love: Capriccio Italien Op. 45
Favorite: Francesca da Rimini

5. Megadeth
First: Kill The King
In Love: She-Wolf
Favorite: Kick the Chair

6. System of a Down
First: Chop Suey!
In Love: Chop Suey!
Favorite: Peephole

7. Deftones
First: Rickets I think
In Love: Passenger I think
Favorite: Around the Fur or Passenger

8. Meshuggah
First: Stengah
In Love: Perpetual Black Second
Favorite: Sane probably, but anything off of Chaosphere or Nothing could easily fit as well.

9. Rage Against the Machine
First: I have no idea. My brother used to blast it all the time when I was very young before I was even into music.
In Love: Take the Power Back
Favorite: Killing in the Name or Bulls on Parade

10. Nobuo Uematsu
First: The first song of Final Fantasy 6.
In Love: One Winged Angel
Favorite: The entire Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack. Dancing Mad.

11. Rammstein
First: Rammstein
In Love: Heirate mich
Favorite: Dalai Lama or Feuer frei

12. Primus
First: John The Fisherman I think (from 1989's Suck On This; NOT from GH2)
In Love: Possibly Mr. Knowitall
Favorite: Electric Uncle Sam

13. White Zombie
First: Electric Head: The Agony (Pt. 1)
In Love: Electric Head: The Agony (Pt. 1)
Favorite: Super-Charger Heaven

14. Sevendust
First: Black or Bitch, I'm sure.
In Love: Home
Favorite: Most recently Seperate, but it's impossible to really choose.

15. Lamb of God
First: Laid to Rest (Yes, from GH2. Go fuck yourself if you have a problem with that.)
In Love: Laid to Rest
Favorite: Blacken The Cursed Sun

16. Mudvayne
First: Dig
In Love: (k)Now F(orever)
Favorite: Internal Primates Forever

17. DragonForce
First: Through the Fire and Flames
In Love: Through the Fire and Flames
Favorite: Prepare For War

18. Pantera
First: Walk
In Love: Revolution Is My Name
Favorite: I'll Cast a Shadow maybe, but they're so fucking badass that it's impossible to say.

19. Rush
First: Hell if I know. Tom Sawyer?
In Love: There was no one song that did it.
Favorite: YYZ, Working Man, La Villa Strangiato... who knows.

20. Symphony X
First: Inferno (unleash The Fire)
In Love: Inferno (unleash The Fire), but Set The World On Fire took it to a whole new level.
Favorite: Set The World On Fire

21. Tool
First: I couldn't put names to any that I remember hearing before The Grudge.
In Love: The Grudge
Favorite: Vicarious or Ticks & Leeches

22. Slipknot
First: Left Behind
In Love: Left Behind
Favorite: My Plague

23. Godsmack
First: Hell if I know. Awake?
In Love: Whatever the first one was.
Favorite: They're basically all the same.

24. Audioslave
First: Cochise
In Love: Cochise
Favorite: Show Me How To Live

25. Machine Head
First: From This Day I think
In Love: From This Day
Favorite: Basically anything not from The Burning Red or Supercharger. I like those albums, but their other stuff is just better. Let's go with Imperium.

26. )EIB(
First: No idea whatsoever. I heard probably half of their songs (at the time) before ever learning the name of a single one of them.
In Love: There's definitely a song to go here. I remember the beat and the bass line, but I never knew the name of it, and the last time I heard it was before I was even really into DnB. I've never been able to find it since.
Favorite: Running Man probably.

27. Incubus
First: Something from S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
In Love: Anything from S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
Favorite: Anything from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Yes, it IS their best album by an amazingly huge margin.

28. Iron Maiden
First: 2 Minutes to Midnight
In Love: I'm not really in love with them.
Favorite: Hallowed Be Thy Name

29. James LaBrie
First: Crucify
In Love: Dream Theater songs.
Favorite: Crucify

30. Suicidal Tendencies
First: You Can't Bring Me Down
In Love: Prime Cuts is the only album I have. So... not in love.
Favorite: Gotta Kill Captain Stupid


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