Top 10 West Coast Hip Hop Albums


31 oct. 2010, 23h07m

1. The Coup - Kill My Landlord

2.Souls of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity

3. Zion I - Mind Over Matter

4. Dred Scott - Breakin' Combs

5. The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

6. The Coup - Steal This Album

7. The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better

8. Dr. Dre - The Chronic

9. Ras Kass - Soul on Ice

10. Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens


  • TheAbbott

    Strange journal cause only three of those have the classic west coast sound. Mines would be similar tho but without exactly those three. xD If it had to be on topic classic west coast sound Hip Hop albums, would u have 10 albums to put in there?

    2 nov. 2010, 18h17m
  • Konkapa

    You mean Dre, DOC and Ice Cube of course? Heh, it should be obvious because both of us are prefer east. Hmmm... a good question. I would just pick albums which i like the most but i guess i wouldnt like all of them so much. How about you?

    2 nov. 2010, 18h26m
  • TheAbbott

    Straight Outta Compton, The Predator and Amerikkka's Most Wanted are probably the only three such albums that I really enjoy. After that I'll put Chronic, Doggystyle, Niggaz 4 Life, more Cube albums but all that stuff is overrated. And cats like C-Bo, Spice 1, Too Short are rappers that I'll never get into again(I was huge C-Bo fan 5-6 years ago).

    2 nov. 2010, 18h38m
  • Konkapa

    How about Pac? I would put in such a list 2pacalypse Now (and some of the albums which you've mentioned in your last shout). Maybe it's time to make Top 10 Hip Hop Albums With Classic West Coast Hip Hop Sound journal:D

    2 nov. 2010, 18h45m
  • TheAbbott

    If you ask me there's no point when the 10 albums won't be albums that you love.

    2 nov. 2010, 18h53m
  • Konkapa

    Of course there isnt.

    2 nov. 2010, 19h24m
  • Flesh-n-Bone

    Nice idea, I might make a top 100 west coast albums list just thanks to this idea. I don't agree with your list at all as I'm a much huger gangsta rap & west coast fan than the majority but still a good job specially with the inclusion of The Coup & Paris. Though I think "Sleeping with the Enemy" is the best Paris album. For such a huge west coast fan, I should make a list like this that's much bigger!

    3 nov. 2010, 15h18m
  • Konkapa

    I knew the list would be quite controversial for most west coast fans:D And i wasnt sure which of those 2 Paris albums i should choose cause both are dope. But i have more plays of The Devil Made Me Do It. I'm curious to see your own list.

    3 nov. 2010, 15h31m
  • Flesh-n-Bone

    I think "Sleeping" is better just for it's highlights alone, Bush Killa, Days Of Old, Think About It etc... ----- and be on the lookout for my list, just don't expect it to be much in the favor of "west coast conscious" stuff like Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, and the rest of them.

    3 nov. 2010, 15h43m
  • Flesh-n-Bone

    Done, it's up for seeing now!

    3 nov. 2010, 19h49m
  • Konkapa It's probably the Top Hip Hop Albums With Classic West Coast Hip Hop Sound journal which we were talking about:D

    3 nov. 2010, 21h22m
  • Music-Ninja

    Well That's A Cool List, Not Your Classic Westcoast like normally List, it's been already said in here. still nice selections, I Think Paris would really fit in this list very well.

    9 fév. 2011, 18h55m
  • Konkapa

    Thx. Once i had Paris here but Blu & Exile replaced them. Now i'm thinking about put Mind Over Matter here though i dont want to remove Below the Heavens:D

    10 fév. 2011, 20h41m
  • pone2none

    very nice list. Im surprised that "straight out of compton" is not there. I think that Pac is more east coast. super groove!!

    21 avr. 2011, 16h55m
  • Konkapa

    I cant say i dont like the NWA classic but i have 2 Compton albums on the list which is enough for me. Oakland is dominant here:D Pac was born on the east coast but he spent most of his life on west (and his albums are in west coast style).

    21 avr. 2011, 18h28m
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