Architecture In Helsinki - Places Like This


6 juin 2007, 3h07m

New Architecture In Helsinki album leaked this week and I absolutely love it! I originally heard rather lukewarm reviews of the album and I didn't have high hopes for it but I was pleasantly surprised. They've taken up a new sound and they're more funky now.

Red Turned White - A good opener for the album. I heard an early live version of this last year and thought it was not bad but the album version sounds much better. I really like it.

Heart It Races- I didn't like this song much when I first heard it a few months ago. I thought it sounded like a knock-off of Do The Whirlwindbut it's grown on me and I think it's probably the best song they've ever done. It's fantastic. And it's their first song to chart (#47 in the ARIA singles chart). Brilliant song and the best on the album.

Hold Music- I cannot explain how much I love this song! This was one song I loved straight away. It's just so catchy and fun. I get definite B-52s vibes from it which is cool since The B-52s were a good band. This is my second favourite on the album.

Feather in a Baseball Cap- Hmmm. This is one song I really don't know what to think of. It's not bad but would have to be one of my least favourites on the album.

Underwater- I really like this song. It's a change of pace from the rest of the album but I think it's really nice. Not much else to say about this one!

Like It or Not - I love this song! Definitely one of my favourites from the album. It's probably the catchiest song on the record. Another really fun one which makes me want to dance. It's just brilliant.

Debbie- This is another nice upbeat one and I do like it but it's not one of my favourites. Still good though!

Lazy (Lazy) - This is another nice song. I don't have a lot to say about this one either!

Nothing's Wrong - This was one of my favourites when I first listened to it but it's gone down a bit now. It's good though and I enjoy it.

The Same Old Innocence - One of my top favourites. Yet another catchy one that gets stuck in my head all the time! A good album closer.

My ranking of the songs from Best to Worst
1. Heart It Races
2. Hold Music
3. Like It Or Not
4. The Same Old Innocence
5. Nothing's Wrong
6. Red Turned White
7. Underwater
8. Lazy (Lazy)
9. Debbie
10. Feather In A Baseball Cap

But I must again clarify that the album is excellent and one of my favourites of the year so far! Everyone go out and buy it when it comes out in September!


  • Schfifteh

    I really like the CD. My favorites are Red Turned White, Nothing's Wrong, Heart It Races, and The Same Old Innocence. Hold Music is quite good as well. In fact, the whole CD is, but that's not the point.

    12 déc. 2007, 21h42m
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