Help wanted - music for airplanes :)


19 déc. 2007, 22h46m

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has got a dcent playlist for what you'd listen to on an airplane??

I'm in desperate need of some good stuff, as I'm going to be traveling around half the world in just a few weeks..

My list so far:
-After Edmund - Clouds
-Agua de Annique - Beautiful One
-Alkaline Trio - Hell Yes
-Ambeon - Lost Message
-Anekdoten - Karelia
-Audioslave - One And The Same
-Arcade Fire-No Cars Go
-Ayreon - Amazing Flight
-The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
-Bebel Gilberto - Momento
-Belle & Sebastian - ANOTHER SUNNY DAY
-Björk - Hyperballad
-Blackfield - Once
-Bozzio, Levin & Stevens - Duende
-Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
-The Cardigans - Lovefool
-Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard
-Coldplay - Clocks
-Cranes - Shining Road
-The Cure - Just Like Heaven
-Europe - The Final Countdown
-U2 - Elevation
-Everything Sigur Ròs has ever put out :P

As you can see, I need some more!! :) Preferrably tracks with a bit of grandeur, stuff that is suited when you look out your window, and bam, it hits you.. You are no longer home ;)
Also, if you know any tracks about Hawaii, that would be appreciated (that's my destination ;)).

Thank you!! ;)


  • frausto2

    I have to start by saying that we have very low musical compatibility; however music for airplains is my favourite topic, so I could't recist. Here we go: Beautiful One 4:43 Agua De Annique Hell Yes 3:50 Alkaline Trio Lost Message 4:33 Ambeon Karelia 7:22 Anekdoten One And The Same3:38 Audioslave Amazing Flight 10:15 Ayreon Viva Satana! 3:53 Babasónicos Intergalactic 3:32 The Beastie Boys Momento 5:17 Bebel Gilberto Another Sunny Day 4:04 Belle & Sebastian Hyperballad 5:24 Björk Once 4:03 Blackfield Duende 7:27 Bozzio, Levin & Stevens Pacific Theme 5:09 Broken Social Scene Lovefool 3:14 The Cardigans Bluebeard 3:57 Cocteau Twins Clocks 5:07 Coldplay Shining Road 3:51 Cranes Just Like Heaven3:32 The Cure Everyday Should Be A Holiday 4:02 The Dandy Warhols Hallo Spaceboy 5:14 David Bowie Miss America 4:20 David Byrne I Surrender 9:25 David Sylvian Saltarello 2:37 Dead Can Dance Fear Made The World Go 'Round 3:56 The Dears Brothers On A Hotel Bed 4:31 Death Cab For Cutie Summersong 3:31 The Decemberists Through The Fire And Flames 7:21 DragonForce Constant Motion 6:55 Dream Theater Heartbreak Hotel2:10 Elvis Presley Petit Pays 3:47 Evora, Cesaria The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)4:51 The Flaming Lips to be continued...

    20 déc. 2007, 0h00m
  • Kjersti454

    Wow, thank you!! I agree with some of the ones I know, the other ones I'll look into!! :D

    20 déc. 2007, 18h52m
  • bizzarri

    For now: Kom in de Cockpit (come into the cockpit) =P I hope I will think of some more..

    20 déc. 2007, 22h05m
  • bboysgirl

    I recommend listening to Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Rós when watching a sunrise from an airplane.

    21 déc. 2007, 18h11m
  • bizzarri

    Some more additions you might wanna check out =) The Postal Service - Such Great Heights The Raconteurs - Yellow Sun The Boy Least Likely To - I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star

    23 déc. 2007, 16h32m
  • RyoujiShiki

    I think instrumental music would be my best companion [ in fact I almost always listen to instrumental jazz while on an airplane ] so I'll suggest some of that: Mogwai - Kappa Mogwai - I Know You Are But What Am I? Apocalyptica - Farewell Godspeed You Black Emperor - Static Explosions in the Sky - A Song for Our Fathers Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine Opeth - Epilogue

    27 déc. 2007, 17h59m
  • Tecfan

    good music to listen to whilst flying must be music that makes you realize how incredible it is that we actually can fly, and how scary it is as you have no where to go if something should happen. I would recommend some obscure, Japanese post-rock / jazzcore / mathcore

    18 jan. 2008, 20h17m
  • Fallingup1986

    It would be awesome to listen to music on a plane, just staring out the window, looking at the clouds and listening to some ambient music. I have never listened to music on an airplane altho i think it would be awesome

    10 mars 2008, 4h39m
  • Kjersti454

    Yeah, some awesome contributiuons here! thanx guys!

    7 sept. 2008, 12h35m
  • GrantRS

    I know this reply is two years late, but my favourite in-flight track is "Weird Al" Yankovic[/aritst] - Albuquerque ...Is hilarious, rocks and passes 11 minutes of the flight. Also, anything Ayreon is good for travel as it takes some concentration to follow the storyline and if you get involved the time passes quickly. ...but we have really low compatibility rating so maybe not.

    14 sept. 2009, 18h49m
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