• cell phone zombies

    22 août 2013, 1h04m

    If your only motivation to go to a live performance (as an audience member) is to take a picture or recording of it and post it on Facebook (or anywhere) - please don't go.

    It is disrespectful to both the artist and to anyone around you distracted by your mobile device. Anyone aspiring to be a professional photographer should contact the performer and any audio you tape is going to sound horrible.
  • Double H

    16 août 2013, 2h21m

    Of course Heaven and Hell exist. As many times as you've thought, "I'm a good person so I will be rewarded for that someday" or "I'm such a bad person, I'm sure to be punished for it later". Another brick was laid in your afterlife, the dried earth of which originated from your life.

    How freeing is it to reclaim that earth, moisten it and build a paradise that is based as much on your failures and misdeeds as it is on your successes?

  • Marilyn in Love

    16 avr. 2013, 19h23m

    I just had a dream with Marilyn in it or should I say she was the dream that I had for I was not in it myself.

    Oh, she was happy! Having found a nice man in a blue suit and a fedora hat. I didn't get a really good look at him. She was wearing a sun dress that came down to her knees. They were playing hide and seek, sort of. She was using her hands, on occasion, as a place to hide by covering her face. Oh was she smiling! Like an idiot. I mean that total abandonment, I can't help feeling this joy, type of smiling and laughing. None of those rehearsed gaffahs. She was snorting and tears were showing up, unannounced in the corners of her eyes like a supernatural juxtaposition.

    Oh she was in love! The noun of love. The place of love. Not the idea or verb that never really means anything anyway. Here she knew the multiple love of loving yourself completely in the playful satisfying company of another. Love.

    When I Fall in Love
  • Double Espresso

    18 mai 2012, 3h19m

    Jurys Inn Manchester
    56 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester M1 5LE, England


    They sat in the lobby casually flirting when he asked, "have you ever been with a woman"?

    She howled with laughter and said, "I have only ever been with Lions".

    Darkest Birds

  • Rock Star

    6 mai 2012, 1h38m

    Everybody wants to be a rock star until they become one. I never had a list of places that I wanted to visit, just a handful of invitations that nothing stopped me from accepting. Now I am nearing the end of my life wondering how long the ties that I made in one place will hold while I try and reinforce those in the place that I'm in. All the while knowing that no one expects me to be around long enough to count on.

    What good is it to have people admire what you do when they will never know who you are?

    The Man in Black
  • Crazy Kat and Scaredy Batt Tales - Hindi lessons required

    12 avr. 2012, 22h05m

    मैने तेरे लिए ही सात रंग के सपने चुने,
    सपने, सुरीले सपने,

    कुछ हसी के, कुछ गम के,
    तेरी आंखो के साये चुराए रसीली यादो ने,
    मैंने तेरे लिए ही सात रंग के...

    छोटी बाते,
    छोटी छोटी बातों की है यादे बड़ी,
    भूले नही बीती हुई एक छोटी घड़ी,
    जनम जनम से, आंखे बिछाये, तेरे लिए इन राहो में,
    मैंने तेरे लिए ही सात रंग के...

    भोले भाले,
    भोले भाले दिल को बहलाते रहे,
    तन्हाई मे तेरे ख्यालो को सजाते रहे,
    कभी कभी तो, आवाज़ देकर, मुझको जगाया ख्वाबो ने,
    मैंने तेरे लिए ही सात रंग के...

    रूठी राते,
    रूठी हुई रातो को मनाया कभी,
    तेरे लिए बीती सुबह को बुलाया कभी,
    तेरे बिना भी, तेरे लिए ही, दिए जलाये रातो में,
    मैंने तेरे लिए ही सात रंग के...

    Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune

  • S = k log W

    14 nov. 2011, 2h44m

    You are going to have to do right for a while before you get a right result.

    More on this topic (bear with me):

    I was at a restaurant with my friend François-Loïc when he asked me about all the different places I'd traveled.

    I said that I can sum up my adventures in the story of this spoon.

    "Really?" he said doubtingly.

    "Sure, this spoon when looked at by a Frenchman would have all its beauty recanted."

    François-Loïc smiled.

    "A German would talk about its design while the Japanese would quietly inform you of its function." I began to balance the spoon on the edge of my index finger. "The American will tell you with how cheaply it was produced while the Englishman would regal you with its history."

    "What about the Canadian?" he asked chuckling in advance at what might be the answer.

    "The Canadian would tell you exactly how much of its content was Canadian." I said astonishing even myself.

    "What about the Indian?" he asked thinking that I couldn't possibly go on.

    "I don't know about the others but I know that this Indian would satirically comment about how everyone else would see it and then eat with my hands".

    Two dreams (last one first) The Execution

    I was in Spain and two murderers were being publicly executed by being hanged from a plank. 8 feet above the plank was an overhang and the crowd was gathered below.

    The first man came out and as the plank was removed he leapt up and grabbed the overhang. The crowd cheered for him to let go and accept his fate. He did and hung to his death. I was told that this was a common scene.

    The second man came out and leapt up just as the first had but he kept leaping and ignored the crowd below him. This had never happened before in the history of the executions and as a result he was set free. The man came out of he prison having been allowed to shower and change, his friend waiting for him outside a van. He was asked by several reporters how he felt and he said nothing but beamed as he walked over and embraced his friend.

    I woke up and told my mum the dream I just had. She wouldn't believe that anyone could have such a dream and I said "I don't care. Last night you told me that if God wants you to die than you would. I'm telling you that my dream is telling you that all God wants is for you to come up higher."

    First dream (a few days ago) A Very Public Divorce

    I was on a bus that drove past one of the posher private schools in town. The majority of the passengers were students dressed in their gray and white uniforms. The bus stopped at one of its normal stops and a man charged in and headed straight for the back which was populated exclusively by school-boys. That is when the screaming started.

    One boy was shouting "come on dad, you know that you're not allowed anywhere near us! Mom is going to be pissed". The bus driver stopped the bus and got up to physically remove the man from the bus.

    That is when I saw him (let's call him Tom) and recognized him from the papers. He was in repeated violation of the court injunction his soon to be ex-wife had placed on him. There were so many infractions now that it was front page news.

    I looped my arm around his and said to the driver "Everything is cool, we are getting off here. No need to panic." We stepped off the bus and ripped his arm away from me. "Who the fuck are you?" he demanded his answer two inches from my face.

    "Me? I am nobody from nowhere but I know who you are and you're not going to get what you want today." I said calmly.

    "All I want is to see my boys and that bitch can't stop me" he raged further at me as he watched the bus in the distance.

    "Sure, and I bet you are asking yourself how such a nice guy could be so hard done by. Well forget it. Stop asking the wrong questions and start telling yourself the right answers. You know that your sons love you and that hasn't changed. The only thing that can taint that is your repeated buffoonery. You know that your wife is a reasonable woman at heart and she will calm down if you let her and stop disrespecting her wishes. You know that people have short memories and that if you are normal enough for long enough, they will just leave you alone. You know that even though you don't think so right now, one day you will be in love again and all this will be behind you." I said as quickly as I could.

    "Yeah, I know." he said and he sat down on the bench beside me. He looked at peace for, what I imagine, the first time in months.
  • I Ain't No Mary Shelley

    28 oct. 2011, 20h56m

    YOU choose your fear.
    YOU chose to be afraid.


  • Englished

    21 oct. 2011, 12h34m

    "Are you serious?"

    He was responding of course to the bed having been taken out of the room. I was lying in between a blanket that was folded in half over a yoga mat, reading one of my kinesiology books. "Come sit against me, the sunlight streaming in is just fantastic."

    He muttered something about it having been equally fantastic with the bed still in the room. He accommodated me none the less by sitting in the nook that my legs and torso had made for him. He leaned back and I looked up at him at an angle. He looked so young this way staring up and out at the trees in the yard.

    He told me about a strange building with broken windows he had to pass when he was a boy going to school. Then he talked about his brother. Then I talked about my brother which lead to him talking about his nephew. Which lead me to talk about my niece. That is when he licked the hollow of my neck.

    I giggled saying, "What the" and then he made the face that made everything possible:
    Our bodies being comprised mostly of water,
    String theory,
    Quantum physics,

    I forgot that I had a nose and took three short gasps through my mouth. For a whole two seconds I was completely and happily in love with HIM.
  • Unrightable

    18 oct. 2011, 17h19m

    I've seen them
    With my own two eyes:
    Feral cats in the city,
    Pretty girls with short hair,
    Handsome men with beards,
    Smashed in chocolate eggs
    still in their multicoloured foil,
    You can't just take milk
    that's been left out too long,
    And stick it in the fridge.