21 oct. 2011, 12h34m

"Are you serious?"

He was responding of course to the bed having been taken out of the room. I was lying in between a blanket that was folded in half over a yoga mat, reading one of my kinesiology books. "Come sit against me, the sunlight streaming in is just fantastic."

He muttered something about it having been equally fantastic with the bed still in the room. He accommodated me none the less by sitting in the nook that my legs and torso had made for him. He leaned back and I looked up at him at an angle. He looked so young this way staring up and out at the trees in the yard.

He told me about a strange building with broken windows he had to pass when he was a boy going to school. Then he talked about his brother. Then I talked about my brother which lead to him talking about his nephew. Which lead me to talk about my niece. That is when he licked the hollow of my neck.

I giggled saying, "What the" and then he made the face that made everything possible:
Our bodies being comprised mostly of water,
String theory,
Quantum physics,

I forgot that I had a nose and took three short gasps through my mouth. For a whole two seconds I was completely and happily in love with HIM.


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