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  • Jaichi

    I do love that band though, they just have the occasional song that really creeps me out xD I've been listening to them A LOT more recently. I remember I got into Chevelle because for some reason I felt there was a similarity in the vocals but maybe it's just me.

    5 fév. 10h09m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    It actually arrived yesterday and I was way too excited to have Danny's signature but uh.. yeah. I'll admit I've really not listened to any of Tool's full albums mostly because the one time I listened to Lateralus the ending track Faaip De Oiad scared the shit out of me and put me off listening to them from start to finish again xD

    1 fév. 5h10m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    All that Chevelle & Tool I very much approve ;D also they finally shipped my Starbomb package so I'm really excited!

    29 jan. 19h31m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Mine still hasn't </3 I NEEEEEED THAT SHIRT

    18 jan. 4h07m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Certainly do! If you wanna add me on anything just ask :3

    13 jan. 4h06m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    I'm out in Missouri, it's a real downer cause outside of the internet I have awful social skills and on top of that I can't drive so I can't really go anywhere anyway xD Also yeah that is me in my picture, I'll take that Smooth McGroove comment as a compliment!

    13 jan. 3h51m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Not really although I seriously should :/ I actually only just moved from England where I'd lived my whole life to live with my American family back in September so I have no idea where to go or what to really do currently and I know literally nobody here .___.

    13 jan. 3h32m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Sure sounds stressful D: I look forward to seeing some of your work in the future though! Keep me updated or something?

    13 jan. 3h13m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    I didn't remember it well but it had a like so I guess at some point I must've xD Please do let me know if you start one though! I do playthroughs and stuff myself but I'll admit there's not really much work put into stuff like that and I'm not really entertaining like the Grumps so it's not so impressive but uh.. it's something. Do you do much art currently btw? Like, do you have a deviantart or anything?

    12 jan. 12h03m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Yup the guy who did it is really great with animation I think that's what I like most about the Naruto one too. OH do you have a channel you do uh... stuff on?

    12 jan. 11h20m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Well I'm always looking to meet people considering you could name all the people I know on both hands so I'm guilty for that ._. You telling me that reminded me of this animated, always loved this one his other one from Naruto is really good too <3

    12 jan. 11h09m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Yes! I swear I've rewatched Goof Troop like 5 times by now I don't know how they be so entertaining, I'm actually kinda jealous. You get 100 cool person points from me for being a fellow lovely though, I've never actually met any before!

    12 jan. 9h11m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    So.. Game Grumps fan or just a fan of their music? I've been watching them to a point I'm sure is not even healthy.

    12 jan. 8h43m Répondre
  • Jaichi

    Hey thanks for accepting! Those are some really great recent plays/top artists :3

    12 jan. 8h24m Répondre

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