Say Something Negative About Your Top 20


2 mars 2008, 14h05m

1. JoJo
Hmm I love this girl, the only neg I would have to say about her is that she has only been release 2 singles/2 video off her albums. Mainly this is Blackgrounds fault, but this is so dissapointing when she has great album like she does. I hope on the next album she has mutiple hits!

2. Britney Spears
Shit there is so much negative with her, Im not even going to start. Get your life together dumb bitch

3. Kiley Dean

4. Beyoncé
I'll admit, she is a little overexposed, but I still love her, oh and you need to start writing more of your own songs

5. Natasha Bedingfield
Unwritten is not that good to be on every commercial/movie/ and tv show :)

6. Ciara
Sometimes you keep doing the same dances over and over, get some new shit girl!

7. Keri Hilson
Get It Girl, kinda sucks, you need to come with fire or I will have to fire you from my aniticipation list

8. Danity Kane
Your managed by Diddy, who is a great business man, but only cares about himself, thus you ladies will never be an International group with him behind you

9. Chris Brown
With You = Irreplaceable, your kinda annoying too

10. Rihanna
You cant sing, and your overrated, the only reason you are around is because you have a great team and have great first singles off each album.

11. Leona Lewis
I dont know much about you personality wise, you seem sweet and you can sing your ass off, no NEG's for now :)

12. Colbie Caillat

13. Destiny's Child
Yall really didnt have to get back together just to break up again. ANNNOYING!

14. Nikki Flores
Are you ever going to drop an albuM?

15. Stacie Orrico
I love you and I wont say anything Neg, please sign with a new label!

15. Cherish
All yall bitches look alike, so dont get made when we can dicipher who the hell each of yall are

17. Keke Palmer
Get away from Disney, your better than that now

18. Aaliyah
R.I.P <3

19. Ashlee Simpson
You shouldn't of lipsynched that night, now that night fucked up your whole career.

20. Timbaland
Have some pride, Dont produce for everybody and their mom like your doing at the moment.

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  • KittyCatXXX

    Hmmm, i Wonder where you got this idea from..

    2 mars 2008, 17h04m
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