• Summer Vacation [March 30, 2012 : 9:56 pm]

    30 mars 2012, 14h06m

    It's boring. I'm glad I have graduated from high school already and leaving that hell/school. IDK why I keep on looking for food when I'm bored and I'd repeatedly open the refrigerator.. I guess just in case a food will magically appear. No changes. So I just resorted into eating Cerelac that no one is consuming...

    Ohyeah, to add to this boredom, I deactivated my facebook and twitter just to help myself lessen this computer addiction.. but then another site just got me. ughh. I know this is childish but wth. yeah, I tried playing neopets again.. my name is Sojiroro just add me if you like.

    There are also some people asking me if I want to hang out but I turned them down. I'm too lazy to go out. meheheheeh.

    Another thing, I'm trying to have reading as a hobby, I did, when I was younger but kinda lost that when I got my own laptop 4 years ago. I just finished reading The Da Vinci Code which has a cool story, thrilling. My grandfather saw me read so he showed me books of Jeffrey Archer which are bestsellers and I started reading just this afternoon. Not bad. I'll continue reading later midnight.

    I can't wait to get to college. I don't like my course though. My mom just told me to get any course there as long as I study in that school (DLSU Taft). I don't know why they like me there, I mean, that school is also known for its expensive tuition fees. Other than that, it doesn't have the course I really want; tourism. Well, so, seeing myself as a bit of a computer savvy, I just took information System.. and I don't know what's up with that course. We had the orientation and oh damn there are only few female students. And the school is wow asdfghjkl;'. It's huge! So when I study there, I expect that I'll get lost knowing that I don't have any sense of direction and I hate bothering people just because I got lost...

    I'm listening to a bunch of music currently. Oh yeah. This is the 3rd time I once again used a journal. I'm a bit of a lazy person so I might stop using this feature one day... and I have this mentality that I wouldn't like people to pry into my life or know something about me but meh. So I might delete everything one day too.

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